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Hey guys I was so excited to get the 260z running today for the first time after rebuilding the carbs, changing all fluids, belts and radiator hoses. I tried getting it running and it was cranking but not starting. Sprayed some starter fluid into the carbs and started for a second then died. Took a look at the inside of the carb and realized it’s not getting any fuel. Pulled the line from the mechanical fuel pump to the fuel rail and no gas there either. Pulled out the mechanical fuel pump to make sure that the arm is in the right position, and it is. Tried to manually pump it and didn’t produce any gas. Chased back down to the plastic fuel filter and didn’t have any gas in it or gunk either. Went to the back to check the electric fuel pump, it’s definitely not working since I’m not hearing it turn on, but I was going to bypass it for now to see if I can get the car started. I was also wondering if the fuel filter in the electrical fuel pump was clogged. The weird thing is when I pulled off the electric fuel pump inlet from the gas tank, no gas came out? I have about 6 gallons of fresh gas in there, I can’t imagine it’s low on gas ? Not sure what’s causing this problem. By the way car runs good for a few seconds if I put gas straight into the carbs. Any help would be really appreciated! My last step will be checking the lines themselves, but after draining the gas tank I had no particles or any debris in there so they should be clean. Right now my problem is at the pumps, please let me know your thoughts !

Okay so after further inspection, Ive tried to vacuum (suck it out with my mouth) the fuel from the input side of the mechanical pump but no luck. I also realized that i dont have a fuel return line, and that it is capped off with a bolt (circled in blue below), will probably go buy a handheld vacuum pump tomorrow and try to see what i can do, but not sure where to go after that.

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