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Thermotine Switch Polarity

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I may have made a newbie mistake.  I did a lot of research regarding the fuel injectors and polarity.  It seem the common answer is polarity does not matter.  I therefore spliced in the new injector connectors.  However, after changing all the connectors I read that polarity does matter when it comes to the thermotine switch.  I no longer know which is the positive and negative wire for that connector.  This may be a dumb question but what is the correct way to determine if I wired this incorrectly? Can I turn on the ignition without the switch connected and test with a multi-meter? Would, I be able to determine ground wire from the harness?




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The wiring diagram might help.  Looks like both wires get power so turning the key on won't tell you anything.  One wire is the ground for the CSV and the other wire is the power to the internal heater in the thermotime switch.


If you still have the bullet connectors in the harness you could use those to figure it out.  One pin of the switch will have resistance from the internal heater (the curly line in the drawing).  The other one will be very low resistance since it supplies the ground for the CSV through the switching portion.  Measure resistance through the pins to ground, then connect the male bullet wire to the one with low/no resistance.


Or, disconnect the CSV, turn the key on, and the wire that has power will be #47, from the relay.  Which is connected to #45 at the terminal and would go to the side of the switch with resistance.



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