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280Z Rotor upgrade options for Wilwood setup

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I was trying to fabricate a bracket for the 280z front brakes to mount a wilwood caliper, but need to throw in a slightly larger Diameter rotor to be able to put the wilwoods on. The stock 77 280z rotor measures 10.8" in diameter and I am not able to find any larger rotors that fit the 4 lug design and offsets. 

Is anyone in the group aware of a rotor with a larger diameter but carrying the 4 lug pattern? The offsets can be managed with some spacers, but I would like to keep the 4 lug pattern. I looked at the 300zx vented rotors, but look like they're the same diameter as the stock 77 rotors. I'm looking for something around 11.2" or larger 


Thank you! 



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