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16x9 245/45r16 fit?

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Like title says, would this wheel/tire size fit on a 280z? Either in 0 offset or -15. Fenders are already cut about an inch. I've looked around a bit, I just can't seem to find if these would fit for sure. I could also run 16x8s in the fronts and 16x9 in the rear, not sure if that would work better. Please give me a relatively quick answer to this, I've done a lot of searching and still am not sure.

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I ran 16x8 with 245/45-16 Hoosiers under the stock fenders.  The Hoosiers have a cantilevered sidewall, so would be similar to running a 16x9 wheel.

The key is getting the backspace / offset correct.  I was running 5" backspace with coil-overs.  Coil-overs are required to run that much backspace.


A 16x9 wheel is 10" wide from outside to outside of the lips, so a 5" backspace is equal to zero offset.  I know from experience that a 16" wheel with 5 inches of backspace clears the struts and coilovers (I am running the old GroundControl coil-overs).  The rear wheels have more clearance than the front.  On the front I had about 1/8" clearance, and on the rear I had about 1/2"-3/4" clearance with 16" wheels and a 5" backspace.  You could run a different backspace front to rear if you wanted to push the rear wheel in further.  Or, you could buy wheels that optimize the rear wheel placement and run spacers on the front.

When you run the 16" wheels tucked to clear the stock fenders, the front tire will contact the frame and or Tension / Compression rod at full turn.  To fix that, I made some simple limiters for the rack.

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