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I have a wrecked 2003 G35 that ran and drove fine with an auto trans. I'd like to put the engine and trans in my 1982 280zx. I have the engine figured out but I'm having trouble finding info on how to make the RE5R05A electronics work or even if I can make the stock G35 parts work. BEFORE YOU TELL ME TO Cd009 swap it, I want an auto because my knees have issues, I can't clutch like I used to. I still have the doner G35 for now.

Thank you for any help!!!

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I don't know much about that swap but i have put a LS in my 280zx. At the end of the swap you will have the chassis electrical (interior/exterior lighting and any accessories you choose to keep or add), and you will have the engine and drivetrain electrical (engine, trans ). I have the stock computer still for chassis stuff and i have a 1999 Camaro computer that controls the engine and tranny. What i think you need to focus on is first getting the computer out of the G35 and either stripping the wire harness  and sorting out the engine and trans portion of it or if you can, sourcing an aftermarket standalone wire harness just for your motor and trans.  Basically, you want the motor to still think it's in the G35. 

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