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  1. Have you tried zcarsource or zcardepot? there used to be a company called black dragon and that is where i got my rack 10yrs ago. One of those companies bought all of black dragon's stock when they went outta business. Let me know what you find. I may be in need of another one myself
  2. Buyer beware with show cars in Ontario. DO NOT give him any money till something is completed. I dont feel like going into my huge mess i got into with him. I will say it was like 10years ago so maybe things got better but i would most certainly NOT give him money unless he has something done and ready to ship. You run into issues when a business you have problems with is technically in a different country. I ended up sending a shipping company to his door 1yr later just to take whatever part of a hood of mine he had. I sold it for $50, that's how bad it was. If he has something in stock and sends you pictures of it then you may have no choice but to get it. I know how hard it is to get things for s130's.
  3. Do a lil research to determine whether you have an r180 or r200 diff now. There is info based on what options your car has that will help u figure out which diff urs came with. or look up pictures of the 2 different ones and look at urs. The r200 will be fine as is for atleast 300hp and an automatic trans. A stick shift puts more abuse obviously. You will only do 1 wheel burnouts. There are options for a limited slip center section that u can have installed, all are pretty good. You might want to have cv-joint half shafts that came in the turbo models. U mostlikly have universal joint halfshafts ( again, do a lil research to determine). If you switch to cv-joints, you will need companion flanges for them to bolt to. i have an extra set i would sell for like $150. The companion flange is the other half of the stub axle. The stub axle is the main weak point but again, depends on the HP and auto vs stick shift. I have a 1983 280zx with 400whp LS, Stick shift that i drag race and beat on constantly. it still has the r200 with Quaife Limited slip, W/ 300zxt CV-joints and custom heat treated stubaxles.
  4. Those are for 280z not the ZX. Unfortunately i dont have any better advice. i made my own patch panels and got fenders from a company that doesnt exist anymore. Zcarsource might have fenders if it comes to that.
  5. I just rebuilt my Diff. Z car depot and Z carsource both sell Nissan Bearings. I too wanted Nissan Bearings. I don't think Whitehead is delayed because of adding to the order. I think they are just overwhelmed with orders. He was supposed to get back to me about a price on a built diff and never did. And my stubaxles i ordered 5yrs ago was something he said would be done in 6 weeks and i waited 9months. I only dealt with waiting that long because it was winter and im in NY. I was breaking stock axles and they were the only ones at the time offering stronger ones.
  6. This sucks to hear because they offer good parts and services but nothing has changed atleast in the 5yrs since my purchase of stub axles. I had a huge delay on stub axles i ordered from them . 9 months i waited for them when they said 6 weeks when i ordered. Ofcoarse they blamed it on their supplier then also. Good luck getting money back from them. Most places like that won't give you anything back, and they are in Canada so i dont know how that works if they dont give money back upon requesting it.
  7. Thank You, That is alot of gear! I was happy with my 3.54's. There is 1 r200 i see on ebay w/ 3.54's for $600 but you never know the actual condition, i cant even see what is wrong with the gears i have but i changed bearings, backlash, preload, pinion depth and couldnt get the noise to go away. Put my other diff in and noise gone.. I have someone locally willing to sell me his w/ 3.70 for a little cheaper. I am going to pick that one up. I just last night rebuilt my other diff with 3.90 gears and i can tell the difference for sure.
  8. Not a bad thought. I have a LS with 500hp and a 6-speed so i do want as much gear as possible.
  9. So funny, the different worlds s30 owners and s130 owners live.
  10. Good to know, Thank you. My280zx normally came with 3.93's, it had to be the turbo model to get 3.54. I thought the s30 would've been 3.93 also. Basically like i said, i only need the gears but if i have to buy the whole rear end i will.
  11. Title should say it all. I don't need the whole rear end unless that is the only way you would sell them. I hurt the gears in mine. Hoping someone has something they are willing to part with. Thank you
  12. Here is a pic of my t-56. The shifter is in the rear most position on the tranny. it fell right in place of where the stock shifter used to be. mine came with an adapter to move the shifter over closed to driver side but it really didnt need it
  13. When the problem 1st happened i checked the drain plug and there was metal shavings on the magnetic end. After having rebuilt and the noise came back, i once again found shavings. I drove for a week since i kinda new it was just the bearing, there was no more shavings and the noise stayed consistent.
  14. When he rebuilt it he showed me one of the bearing races he took out and it had a chatter mark on it. We both agreed that was most likely the cause of the excessive whinning that i heard which made me have it rebuilt in the 1st place. im assuming at this point that it happened again (the chatter marks on the race). i will certainly inspect it when i take it apart.
  15. I am going to have to rebuild the diff myself and i have seen a couple you tube videos and i have a factory manual but i also wanted to see if anyone here has any good write-ups. i just want to get as much info as possible to fill in blanks were mayb a you tube video skipped over something or at certain steps my manual gets confusing. The search feature on this site didnt give me any great results. i am mechanical enough to do it, i have all the tools. just sometimes i say its best to pay the professionals and this time it back fired on me. i know there are r200's for the s13's also i believe and so i put my model specifically in the title incase there are differences. The story behind this: i have a 83 280zx with a LS swap and so i had Quaife internals installed 10yrs ago. Last year i had a pinion bearing go bad. i couldnt get ahold of the guy who originally did it so i had someone else "reputable" do it and they didnt put enough preload in it. he straight up told be he put about 4inlbs of preload in. ofcoarse the pinion bearing started whinning pretty good again. i even put it on the lift, had one buddy bring the car up to 40mph while i listened underneath the car with a stethoscope to confirm the noise is indeed coming from the pinion bearing location. The guy who rebuilt it said it couldnt have been something he did and he would look at it when he had a chance but he was "real busy". I real A-hole basically
  16. I had mine rebuilt also with the quaife internals years ago. The crush sleeve got reused because I don't know of anywhere to get one. I know it sounds like a one time use but I don't think that's the case. The guy that rebuilt it was not concerned. It got reused and it's fine. I did need different shims because of the quaife unit needed different size shims so u will want to try to source something for that. I had a cnc mill at my disposal so I ended up making my own. I was gonna use synthetic oil but quaife said just use what is supposed to be in it, so I stayed away from synthetic...another company that might have some input would be zcarsource. You are gonna love that differential after this.
  17. I have a very similar setup (ls and t56). I kept the r200 and put quaife internals in and it has taken all kinds of abuse. It's been 10yrs and I just had a pinion bearing go in the diff. It cost about $500 to have the diff rebuilt with new bearings but that's not too bad. I bought custom stub axles from whitehead performance because I was snapping stub axles. They were pricey and I waited 6months for them but I don't worry about them anymore. And lastly, when I had them made I also had them made to fit 300zxt CV-JOINTS. That is a good upgrade for half shafts...that's my mods and it has been pretty solid. I drag race a few times a year and abuse it on the street too.
  18. i just looked up that kit. looks like a good deal to me. sounds like your happy keeping in pretty stock and just upgrading a little. certainly can only help the value and not hurt it.
  19. i just looked and i didnt see any "kit" let me know part # if you have one. i seen that the calipers they have are out of stock. Zcardepot and zcarsource are both good companies for replacement parts. there is getting to be more aftermarket parts for 280zx's also. not sure if you are into stock replacement/ mild upgrades / or performance parts? there is options for any way you want to go.
  20. I have that dash cap. i tried not putting RTV on it the 1st time and the sun warped it and it got wavy. i bought a 2nd one and decided to use the RTV and it worked much better. however, even with minimal sun it still cracked after couple year. its garage kept and i use a windshield screen whenever i can. the only real direct sun it gets is at carshows. i will say its a very nice option for covering a cracked dash without spending much money and its not alot of work to put it on. there is some trimming needed but not bad. i also had a blue dash and put a black cover on and it looked good.
  21. im curious to what you find comparing the old stubs length to the new ones. i converted mine to 300zxt cv joints and i have OEM in the car now and my new rockauto ones have the longer stubs. i didnt have the courage to try them since my OEM's are fine. if you run into a problem, i have OEM 280zxt cv-joints for sale on this site (i have donated to the site).
  22. If u donate $20 to the forum, u can post things in the "for sale" section. That's the rule they have on this site
  23. Sorry but I'm gonna follow the way it goes. I've donated 20 bucks so I can sell things on this forum.
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