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Does anyone know whats up with Apex Engineered and Cap Metalworks using the same frame rail images?

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both apex engineered and cap metalworks have full length S30 frame rail replacements for sale, and they use the same images.

wondering if anyone has noticed that or if there is an explanation?


i had thought that maybe they were both selling the same manufacturer's rails, but they claim to be different steel gauge and sizes / styles.


here is a link to both of their pages

Apex Engineered

Cap Metalworks


but also here are screenshots for posterity JIC. 




not trying to claim anything nefarious but i would like to get to the bottom of it. ya boy needs new frame rails haha

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They're also the same ones that T3 has. T3 even lists in their description that they're made by Capital Metal Works. Pretty sure cap metal works makes them all and T3 and Apex are just resellers. It happens occasionally.



Same way that T3 has Skillard parts on their storefront

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50 minutes ago, Sk8rSeth said:

gotcha, i thought it must be something like that. i also didnt realize T3 sold frame rails lol




I'm sure they're great parts. Years ago Bad Dog was really your only option. They were decent but I think fitment has gotten a lot better on stuff like this as new people have tried to make them in better volumes

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