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  1. Skillard has 15% off. I think you have to use a checkout code
  2. Did they sell off their molds to you after the fire? Are you now manufacturing their parts or just running the business side to allow them to focus just on manufacturing in a timely manner? Not sure you'll have a very enthusiastic response related to Retro-Spec. Lots of people have been disappointed for a long time about overly long lead times and very poor communication.
  3. I'm with cgsheen on this. The AFM works reliably when properly set up, but will always be antiquated and hold you back. The best solution is to go to a standalone ecu so you don't have to deal with it
  4. Spend minimal effort thinking of any of this for now, and focus on finding a clean shell with minimal rust first. Take it from someone who's had to go through it a bit and had to do a lot of work twice... just pay more up front for a cleaner starting example. Fortunately you have more of those in California. Once you have a clean car I would focus on brakes and suspension before swaps. Once that's done you'll quickly get an idea of how much things are really going to cost you down the road. Smog laws will affect your options in CA unless you plan on buying a California EO approved Chevy crate engine if you end up with a later car. LS with a 6 speed and low gearing, or an SR20 will get you the best fuel economy compared to other options if you actually care about that sort of thing.
  5. Where did you take it to have that work done? What was the estimate? Mine is in decent shape but has some gunks. I'll have to live with some of the dents since I don't want to crack it open.
  6. Later cars had larger lines. Also, that tank is so damn clean. Hoping mine turns out half as good.
  7. Separate from any sort of brand loyalty and just plain really loving the combination in my G37, this is the biggest reason I would consider the VQ over an LS in terms of costs. I'm not drag racing and don't want a cheaper auto just to have the LS power.
  8. The big cost differences are going to be transmissions. Everyone seems to want $1500 for even used T56's with unknown history. It's absurd quite frankly. I'm a huge fan of the throttle response on my G37s. That engine and 6 speed in an S30 would be a fun combo. VQ35 is cheaper, but I like the VVEL and dual intake. You can make about 350whp NA on the VQ37 with an intake/headers/exhaust/tune, but I don't think many people have actually done that. LS will get you more torque in low RPM as well as better cruising MPG. Either will be a riot, but with the prices everyone seems to want for a proper aluminum block LS and the inflated prices for GM 6 speeds the VQs might become more appealing swaps. All that being said, I still think an aluminum LS with a 6 speed would be better and more easily upgraded, but everyone boasting about cheap LS swaps seems to be running iron block truck engines for boost with an auto and they lean towards drag racing setups for raw speed.
  9. https://autoweek.com/article/empire-hill-climb/datsun-280zmercedes-v12-empire-hill-climb-engine-swap-update-tick-tick?fbclid=IwAR0GrrK-sfLo7qu3FImL8ibjSX6_KM4EJwWikC5LxF8HbgybPvIdhc98QEg
  10. Every time I see your car and those ITBs I want to sell all my car stuff and just start with a super clean earlier model and go ITBs. Speed be damned. It's looking real good!
  11. I still have full vinyl and most of the interior pieces from the series 1 I scrapped. Really only good for patterns for people looking for a restoration sort of job, but most of it is pretty okay. Was gonna sell for like $50 plus shipping. You can have it for the price of some tasty tacos next time you're around and we hang out. Also, for this interested in the car. I've driven it and can confirm that it's a pretty excellent ride. More well sorted in terms of function that most of the Datsun I come across. Period.
  12. Had one similar that I stripped for parts and then scrapped. As much as some might complain, I don't see anyone stepping up to actually save examples in such dire condition. Better to sacrifice usable parts so as many others as possible can keep running.
  13. I assume it's the same ones Black Dragon used to sell. Mine came in completely different packaging and arrived in good shape. I will agree with grannyknot though. I had to do a lot of bending and trimming just to get it to bolt in, and that doesn't even get you close to fixing alignment issues if you want even gaps for paint.
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