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350 core needed!!

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Guest Anonymous

Ok, I feel like a putz posting so many messages. Just wanna thank you guys for being so friendly and helpfull, it really helps.


Anyways, I am looking for a 350, I've called every junkyard around here and they are wanting like $600 for a running 350. When I tell them that I don't care if it runs or not they basically laugh at me and tell me they don't have any on hand. So, anyone in the washington state area selling a 350 for dirt cheap (running or not, even if it's just the core)? smile.gif

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This probably belongs on the "for sale" message board, but it fits the thread so I'll list it here.


I have a 4-bolt 350 block, from back when I wanted to install a small block. In fact, I have the whole engine (heads, crank, etc.), in unassembled form. Ironically, I pulled it out of a Jaguar for which some one did a JTR V8 conversion.


Chevy small blocks have almost no value stock and unassembled, so if some one gave me $100 for the lot, I'd love to get rid of it. Unfortunately, I'm in Pasadena, CA, which is a long way from Washington. Shipping will cost far more than the engine is worth.

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Guest mattrp

Hey Michael,


I am interested in that engine you have. I have a 305 in my z and really want a little more power, and I do want to do the assembly myself. What are the specs on that engine? I am looking at going to caltech for college, and checking the campus (picking up an engine) might go over with my parents.



72 500z

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Hi Matt,


The engine is a 350 with 4-bolt mains. The bores are 0.030" over, and in pretty good shape, though there may not be enough material for a further overbore. Casting on the block says 1970. Carb was a Rochester 4-barrel spreadbore on a cast iron intake manifold. Basically, that indicates that the engine was of mild high performance, but not top of the line. Heads have 1.94/1.50 valves. Everything is disassembled, and in boxes.


Most likely, the engine was not run in quite a while. I pulled it from a Jaguar that some one converted to V8 (with JTR methods, in fact!). I'd like $100 for the whole thing.

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