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TH350 Linkage Question


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Sorry if this is a repeat--I've searched for hours and can't seem to find the answer.


I finally got everything hooked up and ready to go (75 280Z with older 350 block, TH350 trans, Hurst Promatic2 shifter), but when I shift into any gear, it only goes forward (there's no reverse)! The car doesn't move when I've got the shifter in Park (maybe the trans is actually in Neutral?), but moving the shifter one slot down makes the car go forward, rather than reverse.


Right now I've got the flat piece of metal on the trans pointing DOWN, so when the shifter is in Park, the "shifter bolt" on the trans is as far as it can go CLOCKWISE (when viewed from under the driver seat, with my head next to the driver's side front tire). Is that right?

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