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  1. Hey--I just emailed you some pics of my car at the address you gave. Let me know if you don't get it or want more info. I sadly have to sell my car! -Alan (bloch@fergwell.com)
  2. Before I posted (and purchased), I searched extensively on this site to see what people thought about these springs, and it appears that for people like me that are wanting to: 1. Lower their car, 2. Firm up the ride a little, and 3. Use the car primarily on the street and can only get to the track a couple times a year, these springs should be fine. I just thought that our community should get a heads-up about a good deal, especially since it may not last forever.
  3. I highly doubt that there would be any noticeable difference if you got a different muffler. Save the $$$. I have basically the same system (except the cats, don't need 'em in Washington) and it seems pretty good: I drove the car uncapped quite a bit, and barely noticed any difference once the exhaust was installed. I like 3" Dynomax Super Turbo--it's pretty quiet....very sleeper-ish.
  4. The Eibach progressive rate springs are now $189.95 at Motorsport (for 1970-1978 Z cars). I don't have my catalog handy, but I think they used to be more like $250-$300 (the MSA site is saying they used to be $324.95 but I can't believe that). Nick at MSA says these springs are now only available through MSA as Eibach discontinued them so MSA bought them all for cheap.
  5. Thanks John! I'll take it apart and see what's inside; at least so I can get it onto my utility trailer to take to the dump. It was stock, had 200K miles, the fuel injection was shot, etc., etc., etc.
  6. The oil pump on my '75 L28 motor gave up on the freeway and the motor seized completely. I haven't dropped the oil pan yet, but I did pull the valve cover and the cam journals (?) are mangled, cracked, etc., so I have a feeling it's pretty tatered--it obviously got pretty hot. I can't see any cracks in the block, but you know how that goes. Assuming there are no cracks in the block, can something this mangled be bored out & rebuilt? Or should I just haul it to the dump? I've listed it on craiglist a couple times to no avail... I just finished my sbc swap, so now I'm trying to clear out the garage.
  7. I don't know if you have them in Florida, but I've had pretty good luck with Baxter Auto Parts (here in Oregon/Washington). But as everybody has already said, you have to know what you're talking about. I usually don't, but they're pretty helpful in asking the right questions to get it narrowed down. Regarding MSA, I have found them to be a great resource for what's available--I usually check their catalog for the "right" part and then go price shopping locally.
  8. Man, you guys are tough! I love the show and can't wait for tonight's episode. Maybe I'm a dork. The premise of the show is "old school racing" - no tree, no brackets, no official timeslip, etc. And although it is centered around racing, the real drama is the negotiation process--it's basically a social experiment about what people do when their valuable possession (their car) is on the line. The sandbagging, the fake nitrous bottles, etc. is all part of the fun. As for the commercials right after the launch, yeah it's horribly annoying. The extra $10/month for TiVo is worth it right there--I just start watching the show about 10 minutes after it starts and fast forward through the commercials. So I'm spoiled, but I guess that's why I went to college.
  9. Umm....not exactly. I used the Motorsport engine and tranny mounts, so I went with their instructions to set the center of the yoke a certain distance from the top of the tunnel. It was about 2 years ago and I can't remember exactly what the distance was, but I think it was about 5.5 inches.
  10. Sorry - what, you can't hear it? haha. It seems like it's coming from the rear driver's side, but that might just be because I heard it with my window open. And it was in 3rd gear--cruising at 50mph.
  11. Drove my sbc 78Z home from the muffler shop last night - first drive! It has a GM TH350 trans. Everything seems good, but there is a humming noise that begins around 45-50 mph and gets a little higher as the speed increases. It goes away when I slow down. Any ideas? Sorry if this has been covered, but it's hard to search for a "humming noise"!
  12. That would be great--thanks so much!
  13. Sorry if this is a repeat--I've searched for hours and can't seem to find the answer. I finally got everything hooked up and ready to go (75 280Z with older 350 block, TH350 trans, Hurst Promatic2 shifter), but when I shift into any gear, it only goes forward (there's no reverse)! The car doesn't move when I've got the shifter in Park (maybe the trans is actually in Neutral?), but moving the shifter one slot down makes the car go forward, rather than reverse. Right now I've got the flat piece of metal on the trans pointing DOWN, so when the shifter is in Park, the "shifter bolt" on the trans is as far as it can go CLOCKWISE (when viewed from under the driver seat, with my head next to the driver's side front tire). Is that right?
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