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Project:East meets West


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Well, that's no biggie if your working with a chevrolet of some sorts. I'm sure that someone on the East coast could ship you a flexplate that would solve your problems. Have you looked on EBAY. Modding the manual flywheel to accept a T/C bolt seems excessive, considering there are made items on the market.


Need a little more detail on engine. The TH 325 is a little dated but will work fine.

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Ok about year ago i mated a BMW V12 to thm 325 trans in the back of a fiero.i wanted it to look right,,running it long ways like a ferrari,,(the fiero has its combo transversed side to side).The Bmw cost way to much for what hp it would make..so i did some more research and came up using a 300zx N/A engine.With this engine i can twin turbo with no problems with space.Yes the thm325 is a little outdated but it can handle around 600hp and it would look gr8 when i lift the engine hood and there sits a TT v6 running longitudinal

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