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I hope this is OK to post here, but I noticed that lots of people are looking for this. You will need a Bittorrent client however.


If the myBT site is down you can go here:



I have also found several places that deal in Asian DVD/VCD that carry this and the others (below) Compare the price and shipping between them; yesasia does tend to be a little cheaper on most Chinese DVD of about $3 to $5 it seems (but not on equivalent shipping service), but they only have the Shuto Trail box set in VCD. Yesasia only has 1 and 2 on DVD, and 3 is VCD.

The other place, Five Star Laser, has 1 to 4 on DVD, but they are about 5 more when you count the S&H in (Yesasia on anything above basic "super saver" slow shipping charges $1 per item on top of shipping), so it is really up to what you prefer and such.

As you know, not every DVD player plays VCD, and even when they do, some do not do it well. Also remember that a VCD DOES NOT GIVE DVD QUALITY, and could explain why a VCD is MUCH cheaper than a DVD of the same work.


Here are the two places that I have found





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Guest FullBoostOrBust

Hey thanks alot buddy! Automotive Torrents are allways welcome!! ..i hope? I have battle stage shuto 5 which has a nice Z31 at the intro. Interested? or do you have it allready? I want all of them!! hard to find though :( .You can find many nice automotive torrents at torrentspy.com in the imdb-automotive directory. lots of new Best Motorings :) it's been my source for some time now. Thanks again!



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