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  1. I hope all of you will join me in sending Mr. K a very warm and heartfelt happy birthday!!! Sept. 15!!! Of course we could never forget the Z's we love are a product of his passion and guidance. I am sure he would also ask us to give credit to the design team and all the Nissan staff in Japan and America who helped him along the way. I think that is one of his attributes, trusting his team members. I think we all should remember that in our own lives. I say this all the time, but words are never enough to describe the gratitude that I feel for all that Mr. K had done for us! Our ch
  2. Yokohama


  3. I am working on my L28ET and am in need of a turbo; what should I pay for a used, but in spec, stock Nissan T3? Also, what is everyone else using and where did you buy it/how much did you pay? Thank you.
  4. Something like this also happened to a someone I knew; it would lose power sometimes and other times it would be OK. It turned out that the insulation from the number one plug wire had worn off and was sometimes contacting the cam cover and grounding it out.
  5. Don't forget to inspect the magnetic drain plug for excessive metal shavings. Normally there will be a slight amount of buildup on the plug, but anything else may warrant closer inspection. Also look for things in the drained fluid. wipe the plug off before you put it back in and fill it up. Be sure to measure the correct amount of fluid and don't under or overfill.
  6. Yes the easy way to get the old bushings out is to torch them out. It also avoids damage to the bushing bores in things like the A-arms.
  7. Can anyone with this swap tell me if they get better highway MPG in 6th gear Vs. 5th in a late version NA 280ZX 5-spd?
  8. Looking forward to seeing this.
  9. Swapping around parts from the salvage sounds like a good idea. I also have a set from a R200 equipped 200SX. I suspect they are the same as your shafts. Let me know if you need them and I will cut you a deal.
  10. Also, I like to spray in some penetrating lube (like PTFE type, etc.) and keep that up for a few days and then hand crank it over a bunch while having someone keep spraying in lube (via spark plug ports). Also be sure to look at the cam; I have seen ones rust severely over long term storage.
  11. What L28 block casting did JWT use for this build?
  12. I once got some compression fittings for the stock tubes and then used a suitably rated hose and clamps. It seemed to work fine.
  13. Reminds me of the Ford Pinto with a Spearco Draw-though turbo kit installed. I did not even know that they had made a kit like that until I saw it.
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