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Ordering The JTR Kit.

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So i am fast approaching the time to order my JTR 350swap kit, because i want thing thing done by spring (i just finished all the metal work and welding)

so i was wondering, are their some things in the JTR kit i am better of buying seperate? like better header options, and cooling, ect ect. I also would like to know what things i need that are not in the JTR package, that i should pick up.

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I purchased the JTR kit parts seperatly. I found one of their radiators on ebay and it was like new for 1/2 the price. Same with the Aluminum spacers and oil pressure setup. I made my own brackets that go between the frame rails and front suspension (lowering blocks). You can break up the cost as you will not need all the components at once. You can spread out your costs so they don't hit you all at one time. Far as other things....Oh Yeah! you will need other things. Bowtie Overdrives makes a sweet transmission line cooling hose to the radiator as well as the lock up wiring for the torque converter. I have my motor (new GM crate) all in and running. I just am waiting (6 weeks) for the rims to arrive, It has been on jack stands for 1 1/2 years. Headers, I bought some ceramic coated block hugger from ebay for under $125 Im very happy with them. Summit Racing also built a new complex with the money I have spent with them so far. No complaints though I enjoy the project. Have fun!

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I bought the entire kit. I used everything but the Rad support. It's sitting in the corner of my shed. I did not like the way it looked in the engine compartment. I sent the stock radiatior out and had it re-cored to 4 core, and it fits right back in the stock mounting holes. I think it looks great. Check out my pics of it in my photo gallery.



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