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428 big block

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I have a fresh 428 big block that was going into a 70 Formula. I want to go "V-8", but i would hate to waste this motor. I have some bucks in it. Who has heard of one put into a Z far enogh back to make up for some of the weight over the front tires. I will probably use an engine plate. Any ideas besides aluminum heads and moving the fire wall back 3 inches? Any input would be appreciated.



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Is this a Ford 428 (FE, or maybe a cammer?)? Assuming that it's about the same size and weight as a Chevy 396/427/454/etc., you're looking at about 150 lbs more than for a small block. It will be about 3" longer, with similar increases in width and height. If you plan on using a stock bellhousing and oil pan, ground clearance issues will force placement of the engine such that the air cleaner sticks out above the hood line (unless you get a really low rise intake manifold).


I'm installing a 454 in my '78 280Z. But, the firewall was set over 6" back from stock, by cutting out the firewall, floor boards, and transmission tunnel as one integral piece. Room was cut in the floor area behind the seats, and after the whole thing was welded back in, the "gap" at the former firewall locating was filled in with sheet metal (double reinforced inside the the subframe members). With a full roll cage, it's a very tight fit in the interior.


Apparently I'm the only one on this forum to attempt such a drastic solution, but as far as I can tell, the other two guys with big block Z's both have modified firewalls. So, the implied concensus is that sheet metal surgery is the only way to go, if you're concerned about weight distribution, and especially if you don't go with a solid rear axle.


Bottom line - it's a HUGE amount more work than a small block. But it IS worth it if you want a steetable naturally aspirated engine that is nonetheless suitable for high-end amateur drag racing.

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