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Frame straightening

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Hi, I am curious if it is ok to have my body straightened when the car is stripped down to just a rolling chassis? Basically the engine and all the interior is out but still have all the suspension in. I started taking the car apart and noticed the there is some damage behind the front wheel well, I am not even sure if the car needs straightening. When I bought the car it drove fine and did not seem to go down the road sideways. But if it does need straightening should it be ok to do as is?


Thanks, jkgts1

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sure... shouldn't be a problem. 25 years exp. in collision work. There is a good chance that while doing the original repair, they left the damage you see now as it didn't effect panel alignment or suspension alignment and they assumed no one would ever see it. Post a picture and we'll take a look if you want to know better whether it's important to fix

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I have a 76 280z and have also stripped it down and now have realized that it looks like the car had been sectioned with a new front end, the centre section seems to be bent, the transmission tunnel and floors seem to be bent. does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed with regard to straightening???? looks like the cross measurments from strut tower to strut tower are about almost a 1/2 inch? the car is an arizona car with no rust......

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