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Spectre eMS-Pro


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has anyone used this yet? i was thinking about giving it a try down the road i tried going with ms v3 but ran in to some problems so I'm going back to stock for now but when i get a bigger turbo i want to go stand alone and right now i think it's between Spectre eMS-Pro and haltech i just wanted to get some in put



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Actually, it's based off Megasquirt-I. There are a few differences:


1. They've substantially beefed up its protection against noise. It now has separate 5 volt power supplies to keep noise out of some of the key functions, and stronger grounding.


2. It has a built-in USB adapter.



3. It has pretty much all the extra MSnS-E options already installed.


4. The AMPSeal connector is a lot beefier than the standard DB37.

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Spectre's own Scott Clark ran it on a small block Chevy that I saw up at the Richmond Megasquirt meet. We're planning to use the same demo unit they had there in a project car to be determined.


The current ones ship with MegaTune. SpecTune has had a few delays, but I'll be sure to check out the software when it comes out.

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