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supra goddess

Supra Engine Build

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Hey all. I know I don't have a Z anymore, but I figured some of you may be interested in my Supra build, as Z cars and Supras seem to be like sisters :)


If it's not ok to post this here, mods go ahead and delete.


I acquired this 1985 Toyota Supra (my 9th Mk2 so far) this past September for FREE.




Owners claimed it had no reverse and no longer ran; didn't have the time to fix it. So we towed her home and with a new battery I got her running. Drove her around for a bit, cleaned her up, installed some clear turn signals and Euro/JDM rear vents.





Then the 187,000 mile 2.8liter engine started choking on itself. Started burning oil pretty bad, so figured it was time to give her a heart transplant.


In January, I happened to find a 3.0 liter 6MGE block on craigslist for $50. Went and picked it up, brought it home and gutted it. The #1 rod bearings were MISSING and the rod and crank were pretty chewed up. The boyfriend gave me a spare 6M crank and I was able to get a free set of 7MGE connecting rods from a member on supramania.com.


At the begining of February I started dropping off the parts I was acquiring to the machine shop.




On the 19th I got everything back and slowly started assembling things.








I bought .030" oversized high compression pistons (stock 5MGE 9.2:1 compared to the flat top 8.8:1 pistons that normall come in 6Ms) and had the block bored to match. The connecting rods were resized. The rotating assumbly is fully balanced. Flywheel resurfaced. Head had a valve job and was milled .005".




My fuzzball headed self installing the wristpin clips :-P Keep in mind I've done 99% of this by myself.






























...and this is where I am now. head is torqued down. Lower timing cover installed, front main and oil pump seal installed, intake mocked up.






Tomorrow I should be pulling the engine out of my car and grabbing the stuff I want off it. (oil pump, fuel rail, cam towers, etc)


I am also going to be changing from the POS automatic to a 5 speed manual, so that should be fun too :D

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Well, almost got the engine out today. On my previous Supra I pulled the engine and tranny in 3 hours, but this current car is put together a bit better than the other one. The fuel filter is giving me a hell of a time (you Z car guys are lucky to have it in a super easy spot!) I'm probably just going to cut the line and run a clear fuel filter, mount it on the firewall or something so I don't have to go through this crap again.

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