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  1. seen that you were local, was wondering if you would happen to know where to get a 7mgte swap with 5 spd trans. for a decent price.???

  2. I believe those are 440cc. http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Pit/9975/dataBySubject/Injectors.html
  3. Well, almost got the engine out today. On my previous Supra I pulled the engine and tranny in 3 hours, but this current car is put together a bit better than the other one. The fuel filter is giving me a hell of a time (you Z car guys are lucky to have it in a super easy spot!) I'm probably just going to cut the line and run a clear fuel filter, mount it on the firewall or something so I don't have to go through this crap again.
  4. Hey all. I know I don't have a Z anymore, but I figured some of you may be interested in my Supra build, as Z cars and Supras seem to be like sisters If it's not ok to post this here, mods go ahead and delete. I acquired this 1985 Toyota Supra (my 9th Mk2 so far) this past September for FREE. Owners claimed it had no reverse and no longer ran; didn't have the time to fix it. So we towed her home and with a new battery I got her running. Drove her around for a bit, cleaned her up, installed some clear turn signals and Euro/JDM rear vents. Then the 187,000 mile 2.8liter engine started choking on itself. Started burning oil pretty bad, so figured it was time to give her a heart transplant. In January, I happened to find a 3.0 liter 6MGE block on craigslist for $50. Went and picked it up, brought it home and gutted it. The #1 rod bearings were MISSING and the rod and crank were pretty chewed up. The boyfriend gave me a spare 6M crank and I was able to get a free set of 7MGE connecting rods from a member on supramania.com. At the begining of February I started dropping off the parts I was acquiring to the machine shop. On the 19th I got everything back and slowly started assembling things. I bought .030" oversized high compression pistons (stock 5MGE 9.2:1 compared to the flat top 8.8:1 pistons that normall come in 6Ms) and had the block bored to match. The connecting rods were resized. The rotating assumbly is fully balanced. Flywheel resurfaced. Head had a valve job and was milled .005". My fuzzball headed self installing the wristpin clips Keep in mind I've done 99% of this by myself. ...and this is where I am now. head is torqued down. Lower timing cover installed, front main and oil pump seal installed, intake mocked up. Tomorrow I should be pulling the engine out of my car and grabbing the stuff I want off it. (oil pump, fuel rail, cam towers, etc) I am also going to be changing from the POS automatic to a 5 speed manual, so that should be fun too
  5. I believe the 3000GTs twin turbo V6 has roughly the same HP as the 2JZGTE. However, the 3000GT has a transversley mounted engine, so you'd have to find a bellhousing and setup to make it work in a RWD car. The 2JZ swap would be far easier IMO.
  6. Story about that: I had to move, was moving to South Carolina and had 3 cars, two drivers. My Supra, a Celica GTS convertible and the 280zx. The 280 needed the most work (i.e. clutch and brakes) so very regrettably, I had to leave it behind. I signed the title over to my friends' wife who was supposed to get it registered but unfortunately never did. few months later I got a call that they had LET it get towed away. I called around and found it at a body shops' impound, but bc the dumb wench never got the title out of my name, I was the only one who could get it out, and it had to be in person. The car really wasn't worth the plane ticket down there to get it out.
  7. I've only had one, but definitely would like another someday... She was rusty and beat but still fun to drive I've had 9 Mk2 Supras though,LOL
  8. huh? How does a 7M DOHC 24 valve head not flow well? Especially when compared to a SOHC 12 valve head? I really would like to know, the Supra guys have been arguing over the 5M 12v versus 7M 24 head flow for YEARS. Personally, I don't give a damn how good or bad the 7M head flows, I think it's ugly. If I ever do go 3.0 liter, I'm doing it with a 7M block and 5M head Anyway, great job on that manifold, looks very nice!
  9. Fully optioned mk3 Supras weigh around 3,700ish lbs, that's with turbo, targa top and automatic transmission. Yikes!
  10. LOL, probably. Seeing as the MA70 Supras are pigs anyway, I don't an extra 15-20lbs of iron really makes much of a difference
  11. Oh my, that car is going to be retarded fast. Very cool setup!
  12. They're non interference Good luck.. the 1989 and newer 7MGTEs have the better (read: very slightly thicker) engine block.
  13. These wheels are 14x7" +8mm offset and were available from 1982-86 on the Supra "P" type models AND Celica GT-S models from 1982-1985. In 1985, the Supra L model got 15x6" wheels in a similar style, just not as "dished"... +20 offset, VERY hard to find, so if you find these snatch 'em up.
  14. try browsing the classifieds on supramania.com, also try rabidchimp.com
  15. Sorry guys, don't have any Z car stuffs Playing around with hood designs Some pixar Supras
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