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Dr. Diabetez's '74 260Z

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Well, I figured I would start posting some pics of my project. The car came pretty much as is. New tires and wheels are pretty nice. No motor or trans. It does have some new weather stripping and a new windshield as well. paint is okay for now, but will be re done in a few years probably.




Since the car has already be pretty much torn down, i started today by getting the car out from the corner it was in (behind my dad's 280Z) and took all of the parts it came with out from inside. It was a long day and still kinda cold in jersey, so I just took the old dash out of the car to get it ready for the newly covered dash from a parts car my dad has. I will also be taking all of the new carpets and seats from that car as well. Probably going to end up taking the blue 280Z motor my dad has and 5 speed trans since he is going to put the TPI he has in that one, or an LS1 if he comes across it. We also have to cut the trans mounts and the spare tire well out since they guy who owned it was going to put a V8 in it, and a fuel cell. Here are some various pictures from today.

















after taking out the dash...




scary isn't it???



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spent most of yesterday afternoon and going to spend the rest of today stripping the dash and everything behind it out of a white 280Z my dad picked up awhile back. Things are moving along nicely. With a little luck, we'll be transplanting the motor and trans in the next couple weeks out of the Blue 280 that he is putting the TPI (or LS1 when it comes along).

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well we totally stripped out the interior of the parts car, and now my Z has been totally stripped (of parts) on the inside. I still need to try and get off the tar that's on the floor of the car before I put in the sound deadener. or should I just leave the stuff there? it seems to be breaking away and is brittle in a lot of spots. i'd like to clean it up, but if there are good reasons to keep it, i might just leave it alone.


Also found that the previous owner put new poly bushings througout the car. also looks like new struts, springs, and most likely shocks. it also came with A LOT of new weather stripping. Going to save me a lot of money.

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Can't believe it has been two years + since I have done anything with my car. Now that I have passed my CPA exam, and before I start grad school in the fall, I want to get my car done. We started a couple weekends ago going through all of the parts my dad has ordered over the past 5 years (which was a lot), and we haven't even went through, or found everything.


The first actual work we did was this past Sunday, and we did get some things accomplished.


Battery tray was installed and undercoated


Transmission mount was primed and welded


Floor pan holes were welded


Got the 35 mile (yes 35 original miles) engine and trans in the basement ready to be assembled and dropped in the car. It's out of an 80 or 81 zx if I remember correctly.


We also went through a lot more parts, and decided on a few things...


Going to go with disc brakes in rear since the car was purchased set up for them and it's easier and better than swapping the rear end out of another car my dad has. Also picked out headlights and decided to scrap the fuel injection and go with the carbuerator. I'll be on the road faster, and less mess with the wiring harness and electronics.


I will put up some pics later of the progress thus far...it's not much, but much needed work to really get things moving on the car.




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Try this if pics don't work individually here.


29448_596999221948_33703961_34016259_5538544_n.jpgBattery tray (we bolted it in just because it was easier)

29448_596999226938_33703961_34016260_3109706_n.jpg Trans tunnell from front with mount ready to be welded in. (the original was cut out since the guy who oned it before had cut it up to put a V8 in it, so a new one was found to be put in here).



29448_596999246898_33703961_34016263_8298755_n.jpg Mr. Moose doing the welding.


29448_596999266858_33703961_34016266_859880_n.jpg 35 mile trans and engine, ready to be put together and dropped in!


29448_596999271848_33703961_34016267_6204632_n.jpg All welded up!


29448_596999276838_33703961_34016268_347999_n.jpg Hole on top left corner of floor pan welded. Rust you see is just on the surface. This car is remarkably clean!


29448_596999291808_33703961_34016269_4702480_n.jpg Hole on top left corcer of floor pan (middle of screesn) welded up.

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So here are pics of the progress for today.Link to Pics


We located the bolts to put the trans and motor together...took us about 5 minutes. They were in a box Tmart probably walked by 4 times in the past few weeks while we spent hours trying to find them.

While Tmart took the fuel injection off the motor, I layed down the sound deadener. I think it looks more like a rocket ship now!

I did pretty much the front half of the car, as the area behind the drivers seats where the spare tire well are still needs to be welded. Also, I didn't do the firewall as of yet. I tuckered out towards the end, so this is first on the list for next time we work on it.

There are also some shots of the carb we are gonna use and the exhaust manifold. The manifold is off of the blue 280 (i think its a 280) my dad has that has 48,000 miles on it. Also going to use the radiator out of that car as well.

So we probably won't be able to work on it next weekend, but the following weekend for sure we will. We can probably at that point get everything ready so we can drop it in the car. We still need to get the motor mounts (probably out of the blue car as well).

That's all for now!

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Haha, nice to know I have a fan! I'll get more pics up this weekend. Hopefully going to get the old rear out of the car and put the "new" one in, which is freshly spray-can painted black. Looks really good actually! I also ordered the kick panel speaker pods from Derek on here. Should get those tomorrow. I'm very excited about getting the dash and interior started. As soon as we get the wheel well welded back in and new rear end in, i can begin work on that.

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