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  1. Inertia switch? Putting an 81zx drivetrain, 78 wiring harness, in my 74 260z. Eliminated EFI and going carbuerated. Going to install the inertia switch on the passenger side of trans tunnel behind the seat. Think this is a good way to cut fuel to the electric pump in case of accident. If it does happen to trip then it's within reach to reset. Should have it all figured out in the next couple of weeks.
  2. I have this style but they are Nissan OEM. Much better quality. They have 4 rivet points on each mirror. Going to install in next couple of weeks. I like the way they look and good visibility.
  3. Was looking at these but wasn't a fan of the dual arms on them.
  4. When you cut it out make sure to cut a few inches outside the welds to give yourself some extra sheet metal to weld back into the hole you cut out. I know this from experience
  5. So I installed some kick panel speaker pods awhile back in my 74 260z. Now comes the time when I have to figure out where to relocate my fuse panel to. Has anyone done this? If so, where did you relocate to? What did you do to encase it? I'm thinking somewhere under the dash but I need away to enclose it. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. It actually looks pretty nice. Just a matter of how well it's installed. After just doing all the vinyl in my 260, I'll just stick with the plastic covers. Not fun.
  7. That's what the part is called....it's the rubber piece that is attached to the chrome that sits on the outside of the car on the top of the door. Not on the frame, on the actual door panel. Runs horizontally across the entire edge of the door. As you said, the "outside window squeegee." Which may he the best description of it lol.
  8. Anyone have a good source for the upper window molding rubber strip like this? http://www.zcarsource.com/door-upper-molding-rubber-seal-240z-260z-280z-70-78-new_8_56661_197483.html Just want to make sure there are no other good options out there. Thanks!
  9. Pictures are messed up. Stock one is on bottom of first pic and right of 2nd.
  10. So the McMaster push pin clips were to small. The Christmas tree style fit much better. The head was to small on the pushpins. I'm going to see if I can find some with a larger head. The top one is the stock one, middle is McMaster pushpin and bottom is Christmas tree style (1st image). 2nd image starts with the stock one on right. You can see the difference.
  11. I got the expanding shank shank and Christmas tree style. I'll be installing this Sunday and I'll take pics.
  12. Started putting some vinyl back in place in the interior. Headliner was replaced with some material about awhile back. Then put the vinyl pieces that run along the driver and passenger doors with some original materials. Reatached the visors and rear view last weeks as well. It's starting to look like a car inside! Next week I'll be putting the strut tower vinyl pieces back on, followed by rear quarter window surrounds and dog legs. Ordering some pastic rivets today. Don't know why it's flipping my images from my phone but it is...dammit.
  13. I actually used it for the headliner and i guess there was a little more "wiggle room" as far as time. May end up using this again. Thanks.
  14. Contact adhesive will in fact eat through a plastic cup in under 3 minutes as well as make your pants stick to your leg...solution = lot's of brake cleaner.

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