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A hint of things to come, with video(fixed).....

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Hows it going folks? I'm new to the boards and I'd like to say a quick hello and to start the first of what will become an EPIC series of posts documenting my upcoming "adventures" in the hybridz world.


(Video is uploaded and public, it was private before.)



(For those that can't wait you can download the file here. When the vimeo link is active you'll be able to download it there also. It's only 9 meg and 14 seconds, but it's in 720p. Apologies for the dirt, it hasn't moved in a while and....keep your volume a bit low.)


This is just a little preview of things to come. And to give you a hint at what's under the hood...well I did post this in this section didn't I? :wink:


I had hoped to make a longer video but I want to start posting now and that's all I have right now and I've been working on the car for 3+hrs and I'm beat and time to hit the hay.


Hopefully I'll have some more video or pics tomorrow. Hope you like it and talk to you again soon.




(EDITED: Video link fixed)

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Sound should work.


Yep folks that's the venerable 1st gen 350 chevy small block and the reason why it sounds good is because it has open headers. I seriously had to turn the mic's camera down by 70%. In person it was SUPER loud.


Here's my flicker folder:



I just put 4 pics there. One is of the engine, one of the dash before and after pull out and the other is of the tach.


Basically I was given this car as a "gift" from my father. On the plus side the car has a decent paint job and the engine, tranny, driveshaft swap is done. The negative is that NO gauges work and NO lights either.


Also the clutch is down for some reason. Part of it is, when my dad did the swap, he put a master cylinder smaller than what people recommended. We've bled the system again and now I've got to jack the car up and try the clutch cable adjuster thing.


While I'm not mechanically illiterate, I am far from an expert so my "epic" posts will also be major cries for help.


I'll take a lot of pics and video so hopefully I'll be able to amass a decent record that people will be able to call back on for their own projects, but looking at the dash pics...this will probably turn into a cautionary tale. :bonk:


"Don't do it like CR did it."

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