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Clutch issue part 2, with video

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Ok the "adjustment" I mentioned in my last post was not to the slave cylinder but the master cylinder at the clutch pedal. It looks like it was loose and after moving it as far as it would go out, it looked like the slave cylinder did move enough, but the clutch still didn't engage.



Here's a video and is this right? Is that the right kind of travel? It's a camaro 5 speed, not sure the exact year, but figure early 80s model.


Looks like its moving decently and my dad thinks that means the clutch is stuck to the flywheel. The car has been sitting for well over a year. Is that enough movement or should it go even further?


Appreciate any help.

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You mean it won't release... right.


That looks like plenty of movement to me. It only takes 1/2" at the TOB on the other end.


You could remove the slave and actuate the fork by hand and see if it is pressing on the TOB. You won't be able to disengage the diaphram spring by hand, but you could confirm the clearances.


A broken pivot/ball stud or a worn out fork and stud combination can leave too much slop in the system for the TOB to release the clutch.


With everything adjusted properly in the bellhousing...

The outer end of the fork should angle towards the front of the car by about 5-7 degrees. This is with hand pressure to remove any slop.

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This is just to close out the thread. Appreciate the post Hines, looks like it was stuck to the flywheel. I was able to start the car force it in first and drive a bit and it loosened and I was able to shift it.



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