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READ ME!__SHIFT! Not just a NISSAN ad campaign....


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Basic sentence structure! Use it or don't post...


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If you can “SHIFT” your car, then why is it so difficult for many of you to “SHIFT” the beginning of your sentences? There is no clutch pedal under the keyboard to get your Gumby pants wadded up around. (Speaking of which, pull up your friggin pants! We’re tired of looking at your Hannah Montana boxers!) The pressure required to depress the “SHIFT” key on most computer keyboards is so minuscule I promise it wont cause your pinky ring to slip and pinch your pinky knuckle. Here is the real kicker. Using your shift key shows the rest of the world that you actually care about and respect the community in which you are communicating. As such, that community will generally treat you as an adult instead of a punk-ass-idiot.


If you blatantly don’t use your shift key or post using IM shortcuts, don’t be surprised if you find your posting privileges suspended.

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Courtesy of your Middle-School Teacher



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HybridZ Rules



1. The purpose of this site is to discuss TECHNICAL topics that pertain to the modification of the Datsun/Nissan Z cars (240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 300ZX, 350Z). No thoughtful modification that enhances performance or styling will be put down. The philosophy is one of "parts is parts" - it doesn't matter what automaker originally made the parts, if you think that using those parts on your Z will add to it's performance or cosmetic appeal. But the emphasis is on FUNCTION, not the addition of graphics, wings, etc. to only make the Z LOOK like it is a high performance car. However, everyone has their own ideas of what stylish modifications look good or bad.


2. Please use the search function before you do anything else. The search button can be found at the top of the page. Use several keywords if you don't find what you need right off the bat. Remember: Just about every possible topic and problem has been posted and answered, in most cases several times. The Members on this board are very helpful and a great crowd of Z enthusiasts, but answering the same questions over and over again gets old.


3. Please make a good effort to post a topic "subject" title that is pertinent and descriptive of the subject that you want to convey. When you post a thread with a title like “I need help†this makes it harder for the next guy to find what he is looking for when they try to search the database. It is impossible to know what that thread is about so it must either be skipped over or opened to check the content. The title of your post is not the place to be VAGUE!!!


4. There is no Best! No best tires. No best engine. No best shock. No best big chrome foot gas pedal. Every car builder and driver is in a different situation. What's good for one might suck for another. The decision on what is "best" for you and your car is completely up to you. As with any decision time, effort, and research is needed by the decision maker - you! Instead of asking what is "best", do some research, explain your situation in excruciating detail, and describe what alternatives you're considering in your decision. Posting a thread with "What's the best..." in the title it is a sure way to get that post tossed into the Tool Shed.


5. This site is based in the USA, and as such, text is to be written in English. There are web sites available on the web that can translate text from many recognized official languages to English, if you don't know it. (But then how could you read this? ) Gangster-slang, or any other cute, obtuse, street-talk dialects are not tolerated. Write in clear English that does not require a current knowledge of the latest street-slang. Text message or IM shorthand does not qualify as English. Always try to use proper punctuation, spelling AND capitalization.


6. If you have any real information to add to a post, or another related question about the same topic, please post. Please be sure to read the ENTIRE thread before you post so that you will understand the topic and direction the thread is heading. Otherwise, don't post if you are just guessing, or just wanting to interject an unsolicited opinion and/or sounding like you have the definitive answer. Most folks like to get solid advice, and opinions on what ‘may’ be the correct direction are usually not helpful or wanted. Sometimes opinions will be requested, but these posts are easily recognized. This includes non constructive posts in an effort to increase your post count! 


7. Remember, this is a Hybrid site. Do not ever get on the purist Datsun/Nissan soapbox or promote Datsun/Nissan only swaps. The Admins/moderators will not tolerate this. The mere mention of keeping your Z "all Datsun" will be frowned upon. Several other sites exist for this mindset.


8. While we are on the subject, we want you to stay off of your religious or political soapboxes as well. Religious or political topics should be avoided. Any posts that stray into the realm of politics and religion will be closed and/or deleted. This is a car website, so let’s keep it focused on cars.


9. Please post questions, comments, etc under the correct forum topic heading, and only post in one forum. For example, if you have a Chevy V8Z and have a question/comment on suspension setup, or drive train setup, etc, don't post it in the Chevy V8 section. Also, read the guidelines in the For Sale section.


10. Links to ebay auctions will be permitted in the Non-Tech forum only. This is not technical information, so it should not be posted in a technical forum. All other selling should be done through the classified forum, see rules that apply to the classifieds below.


11. If you are planning a V8 swap into a Z (esp. SBC), please order the swap manual from http://www.jagsthatrun.com/ . Although this manual is specific to the early Z, it would be helpful to any swap.


12. Don't make personal attacks if someone disagrees with you, and don't take advice given personally. Typed text has no intonation, or expression and the members on this board sometimes come off as being rude, or impolite. Generally this is not the case, so please be a little thick skinned when advice is given that you may not agree with. 


13. Admins have been tasked with correcting mistakes and telling people to stop unwanted behavior. This can offend some people who do not take correction well. Do not make personal attacks on the administrators. Feel free to disagree with the admin staff on technical issues regarding the Z, but when the attacks become personal the immediate and permanent response will be banning the user. 


14. If you frequently log in just read what's going on in HybridZ land, you may find the function "view posts since last visit" is generally the best bet. It will save you time instead of opening each forum individually.


15. Keep signature pics below 640 pixels wide and 150 tall please!


16. If you are still unsure as to the functions of the site, feel free to Private Message "PM" a moderator or Admin. You will find a link to send a Private message by finding one of their posts and clicking on their name.



Enjoy your time on HybridZ.org. To many of us it's like a second home, and we try to keep it "tidy". Just think of you behavior on this site as if you were visiting someone else’s house.....good manners are always appreciated.




HybridZ Classifieds Rules



1. To post an ad in the "Parts For Sale section" or "Cars for Sale section"you must be a donating member of HybridZ. 


2. Use of the Classifieds is limited to private individuals only. Commercial advertising is not permitted.


3. This is for selling parts/product, but please keep posts to a PG-13 nature.


4. Please be descriptive in your ad title. Ad titles such as “Cleaning out shed!â€, “Misc parts!â€, “Parts Wanted!†“Looking for!†are too vague and will be deleted. 


5. When selling an item, you MUST publicly state your asking price and location, or your post will be deleted.


6. No Bidding for items - HybridZ is not an auction site. If a seller posts a fixed price they must sell at that price and not turn the sale into a bidding contest. If a seller posts a link to an auction site the auction must be conducted on that site.


7. HybridZ Classifieds are used to buy parts/product. NOT to tell sellers you can get it cheaper somewhere else. You can place a lower offer to the seller, but statements of "being over price" will not be tolerated.


8. The administrators of HybridZ.org take no responsibility for the conduct of members on this forum.


9. For security reasons, we strongly recommend that you use PayPal when buying parts from private individuals online.


10. If you place an ad and find later that it has disappeared you can safely assume that you violated one of the above rules.

No notification will be given.


11. Please give your ads at least 5 days between bumps. Frequent bumping such as every day will get your ad deleted! 


12Placing of for sale ads in forums other than the Buy / Sale / Trade sub-forums is prohibited. This includes placing ads in your signature line or other non approved locations. 


13. After your item/s have sold, please close your ad. 



HybridZ Vendor / Group Buy Rules



HybridZ provides space for Z-car vendors to showcase their parts and services without requiring any qualifications. A vendor might be a full time business devoted to making Z parts, or a guy in his garage producing a one off piece of fiberglass work. The fact that a vendor is posting on the forum means nothing in terms of their responsibility as a businessperson, the quality of their products, etc.

HybridZ is not affiliated in any way with supporting those businesses other than allowing them to post their parts and services. Those vendors must abide by the same rules and guidelines as the rest of the membership, which includes post content, behavior, and administrative discipline.

If you have a bad transaction with a vendor, please follow the rules established for our site when posting. Posting regarding a positive or negative experience that you have had with a vendor has always been acceptable, but Hybrid Z will not allow flame wars between vendors and customers. Posts regarding experiences with vendors do have value to our membership and can also be useful for vendors. This is not overly complicated, and if the current rules are followed there should be no problems.

If you have a bad transaction, or can't get a hold of a vendor for any reason, and you feel the need to vent to the board your frustrations, then PLEASE read the rules prior to posting your feelings and keep it as professional and mature as possible. No temper tantrums.

Rules for Vendors.

1. You must be selling products specific to the Datsun/Nissan Z market and preferrably focused on modifying the Datsun/Nissan Z. 

2. You must bring tech to all discussions outside of the Vendors section. No topics or replies that just advertise your product (with exception of one topic/post announcing the availability of a new product or service). Replies or topics must contribute to the discussion in a positive manner. 

3. You must not directly criticize another vendor's products or services. Tech brought to discussions about the benefits/drawbacks of various approaches to increasing the performance of HybridZs is fine, but saying your products are better then Joe's or Joe's products suck is not acceptable. 

4. You must not hijack another vendor's thread to advertise product. When in doubt, don't contribute to a specific discussion about a competitor's products. 

5. You can include link's in your HybridZ sig to your web site, your products, third party product reviews, etc. as long as they comply with HybridZ's sig rules. 

6. Screw one of the HybridZ members and you're toast. But, we do realize there are two sides to every story so we want to hear what happened before putting you in the toaster. 

7. When in doubt, use a low key, tech/education approach when posting on this board. Respect and credibility come with time and results, not with hyperbole and marketing speak.

8. New rule regarding Group Buys:

A Group Buy is a purchase of an EXISTING product by a number of people with the intent of reducing the per unit price by combining their purchasing power.

We support those kinds of transactions and the Rota wheel buy is one example of it going well, even though there were a few bumps along the way.

What is no longer allowed on HybridZ is Externally Funded Product Development.

This is where a number of people pool their money and fund the development and production of a NON-EXISTENT or HIGHLY MODIFIED item by a third person with the intent of receiving those items after the development and production cycle is completed.

Any threads that solicit funds for Externally Funded Product Development will be deleted immediately and the original poster warned. 

As usual, these rules are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding!

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