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Haulin Azz! Racing Video Game

Guest Dyno_Ron

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I prefer good gameplay and realistic physics to graphics candy anyway.


That's why the Wii grabbed so much market share on units with superior graphics horsepower.


That said, it's hard to beat Grand Prix II or Grand Prix Legends (viper racing is the same as GPL) for realistic driving but there are newer games in GTLand GTR which have better graphics and sweet multiplayer options.


If you like good gameplay and airplanes, I recommend Warbirds Freehost which is ...........well..........free because some russian developers got ahold of the code and are now hosting arenas full of people itching to shoot you down in a WWII plane.


It's run on an older version but that's the only price you pay since it is free.


If you think you will take off in a mustang and own, you are sadly mistaken as the mustang is only the top performer at super high altitudes and speeds and you just don't find many opponents who want to spend 15 minutes to climb that high.


Come on over and receive some pepperidge if you dare.


You do need a stick to fly and I recommend a "twisty stick" because the twisting is for rudder action.


A good entry level stick was the top gun fox pro but it seems to have been discontinued but.......the more generic thrustmaster "usb joystick" looks much like it and probably costs less.


It takes a bit of installation mojo and learning curve but I'm still playing it 10 years later while Grand Theft Auto and all the other Xbox games sit collecting dust.

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