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  1. My dad was able to buy a used 350 Syncrowave with cart, cooler, torch and all for $1500. It's pretty reliable! I think he found it on Craiglist.
  2. Woah,that's an awesome idea. Thanks for the tutorial. It's very helpful!
  3. Hey, Enrique. Welcome to the HybridZ community.
  4. Try this one: http://horsepowerperformance.com/c-77742-hand-tools-crimping-tool-die.html
  5. Found this one. Woodward Fab Bead Roller . It works with up to 18-gauge mild steel. It's less than 200$.
  6. Those are some serious headers! Expensive, perhaps.
  7. Nice list above. Steel wool or a wire brush also helps. Depending on how rusty the panel is, you may need both.
  8. Welcome Chrus! Aside from Craigslist, you can also find treasures in Ebay. Good luck!
  9. I have some friends who live in NJ. I'll inform them about this event.
  10. Welcome to Hybridz! Hope everything's doing good there in Mexico. The swine flu virus is scary.
  11. I often shop in http://www.nutty.com/. Prompt delivery and fair prices.
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