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Here goes...My VH45 > 240Z build


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Ok so I've been around hybridz for a quite a few years now but I'm sure not many of you know me because I mostly just sit back and soak up the wonderful info on here.


I contemplated engine choices for quite some time and was fairly set on doing a basic turbo swap as it is pretty much the best bang for the buck but inside I really wanted some more displacement and instant response as the car will be a weekender/autox car. Last summer I found a great running '91 Q45 for $500 so I jumped on it.


I've been in school for the last 10 months and xmas break looked like this...


(Yes thats the Q!)

So I haven't had a chance to start the project until now.


Heres my progress so far....










Q rad in the Z...I'm thinking of doing a custom rad support with ducted front end, angled rad and vented hood ala 74_5.0L_Z.....thats hardly critical path at this point though...



Any thoughts, suggestions, questions, or insults welcome!

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Sweet project mate!


Have a look at the fellow on Cardomain with the "450z", I used his ideas in making my 1UZ crossmember as a starting point for mounting the engine in the car!


I have also had a theory that it may be possible to use something like JohnC's 1JZ/2JZ crossmember (BetaMotorsports) to mount these engines with the mounts far back on the block into the Z, as it would be the easiest way to mount the engine I would certainly investigate this route as a possibility!


Fellow called John Dixon swapped a VH45 into his 300zx and has a wealth of information for slapping a Z32 5-Speed Getrag behind the VH45 and probably a lot of other really help VH related swap tips!


Good luck with the conversion mate and make sure you post lots of pics!

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Thanks for the words of encouragement! I am well aware of the various other VH projects and will be taking bits and pieces from each of them.


I plan on making a crossmember like you mentioned rearward of the stock one for the engine mounts, modifying the stock x-member for oil pan clearance and subaru power steering, likely a mazworx adapter for the z32 trans, possibly the Q45 diff with the Modern Motorsports mount kit/axles, etc. etc.....I have my work cut out for me.

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It will stay NA. I think I will be happy with the power increase over my carbed L28 for a while but I will upgrade bits as the aftermarket grows which it is sllloooowwly doing. ECU tune, headers and cams are all on the list for the future. The purpose of this build was to get instant torque and response....as fun as turbo cars are, I decided against it for the purposes of this car.

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Great project! Wow what an undertaking, but there are some nice examples to learn from. I definitely thought about the VH45 for my project but went with the Ford 4.6 dohc which is at about the same stage. I will be watching yours to see how it goes.

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The aftermarket is pretty sparse still. The largest supplier stateside is probably mazworx.


Should have an update soon as well as the Q diff and axles for sale if anyone is interested. I would love to trade for a long nose R200 LSD setup if anyone is looking to upgrade their rear for big power.

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Small update:


Picked up Z32 a trans with a supposed 120k kms on it. Looks in decent shape. Got it split and the bellhousing is ready to be machined. I will be doing the machining myself as I have access to CNC equipment and it will be just plain fun. Just waiting on the Mazworx adapter now so I can get some accurate measurements.




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I have a beater Q45 (with a very low mile engine) that I plan to use to swap into my S30 (but the dang thing is too nice to rip apart yet). I also have two engines with different types of minor damage that are in various states of disassembly for spares, etc. If you need any measurements on the VH, just let me know.

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