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  1. $875 without flares and welting. $850 for a Supporting Member.
  2. Dropped price. I appreciate offers, but I will not do a "shipped" price with all the unknowns of shipping costs nowadays. If you want them shipped, I will gladly do it, but please buy them and then I will get you the exact shipping cost to make an additional payment on. The tires, again, only have 340 miles of country cruising on them. No track days, etc. I don't drag race. This car never got done enough to be taking corners fast, etc. They are balanced on a road force variance machine with stick-on weights that have aluminum tape on top of them to increase holding power, reflect heat and improve aerodynamics of the weights. The flares and welting are also new. No drilled holes in anything, etc. No cracks on the flares.
  3. It is sold as is marked on the first line of the thread. I will make it more obvious for everyone. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. I don't get into work that early, sorry. I work usually 9a~11p every day but sunday.
  5. I have one set of 240Z turn signal assemblies. They are very clean with all mounting studs (and nuts) along with wiring harnesses back to (and including) the next coupler, so you can wire them in for quick disconnect. I don't include bulbs. $80 shipped. *** First set sold *** *** Second set sold *** http://s768.photobucket.com/user/WizardBlack/library/240Z%20turn%20signals Please add 4% for PP fees if you want to use that. donovan_myers@hotmail.com Thanks, Mark
  6. Everything here sold to SuperDan. Thank you. Hi, I have my rims for sale with right at 340 miles on them. Here is what they are: Rota RB 17"x9"/9.5" staggered wheels (-13 and -19 offset) with 255/40-17 and 275/40-17 BF Goodrich gForce Sport tires. They fit with stock suspension and ZG style flares. Included are a set of fiberglass flares and a rubber trim kit for the flares as sold by a member on HZ. I am asking $1000 picked up. I don't see any damage whatsoever. They are a metallic grey in color with a polished lip. I can throw in a set of aluminum lugs as well. These are for the stock four lug hubs. I am in central OH. PP please add 4%. http://s768.photobucket.com/user/WizardBlack/library/Rota%20RB%20-%20S30%20specific%20fit Rota say, 'Why you no buy me yet!' donovan_myers@hotmail.com Thanks!
  7. The dog legs are sold but I do have cut quarters in very good condition, lower quarter repair panels and lower fender panels, etc.
  8. These are sold, sorry. I updated the first line of the listing so hopefully everyone doesn't miss it.
  9. Someone bought it before you; sorry. I guess I made the mistake of mentioning other things I had for sale and everyone wanted prices and photos, so I put up 'for sale' threads for those. Before long, I was inundated with questions, bids, requests to part out, etc. I try to get back to everyone who missed out, but I also update the top post of each 'for sale' thread, so anyone can check at any time if it's sold or not. There is no auction or bids. First person to say they will buy it, unequivocably, gets it unless it's a 'no dibs' thread like the powertrain. I only offered a partial sale of this listing to someone who is a donating member. The thread is updated within 120 seconds of me knowing someone is buying it or is completely paid for, etc.
  10. Sorry, that is incorrect. It has two small metric nuts molded into the body and the pic shows a washered bolt in them.
  11. These are available now for $200 picked up for HZ Contributors.
  12. Is it the same as a 280Z? I have one of those...
  13. It has two small studs sticking out of it that bolt in. They're about the same size and type as the studs mounting the sugarscoop to the fender. You can see the flanged nuts on them in this pic:
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