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Simple Q: Will JCI LS1 mounts work with a LS2?

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Guest Gr8White
As the title says. I am possibly picking up a LS2 this weekend but would like to know if the JCI LS1 mounts will work for it?


Thanks in advance


Search "LS2 GTO" and you'll find a good thread discussing this and everything else that needs to be changed....Yes, they work but there are plenty of other items that don't. Depends on what this came out of- If it came out of a GTO, expect to replace drivers side motor mount(to an LS-1 or C6 LS2), oil pan, dipstick, pickup and screen as well as alternator (some have modified the GTO unit to work though). This is all mentioned in that thread I believe.


I'm using a C6 LS-2 style pan with the rear sump....GM direct has the best price for all of this.


Search and you will find all the info you need.....

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The motor came from a 2008 Trailblazer SS. Thanks I will look for that thread.


The oil pan will need to be to be swapped out for a F-Body LS1 or even better the C6 LS2 oil pan (I am running this pan as well) along with the matching pickup tube, the truck windage tray can be modified to work.


The truck intake won't clear the stock hood, but will still work if you cut the hood or added a cowl (that what I've done).

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