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  1. The quarters seemed fine. We placed the body on rollers supporting the rear body and under the floor. Nissan built these bodies pretty stout.
  2. Sold the big block car in August of 2008. Still friends with the current owner. Bought and built another S30 in 2009 (6.0 LS with a 4L65e), sold it in 2011 and that car is now back in Japan. Every 4.8/5.3 block, iron or aluminum can go .120" overbore to stock 5.7 LS1 bore. I would rather have the uber thick cylinder walls instead of a bit of displacement, especially since I am going to boost the shit out of it. From 1999-2013 the 5.3 was built 2.5 times over every other LS (4.8/5.7/6.0/6.2/7.0) combined. So they aren't rare in the slightest.
  3. This is a LMG 5.3 as well. Originally was planning on going with a Powerglide with a transbrake, etc. Decided on a TH400 instead with a custom transbrake that will allow me to leave in 2nd gear. Engine is done and buttoned up.
  4. Picked up a 5.3 pull out from a 2009 Tahoe with low miles. Had one bad DoD lifter (#8 exhaust). Pulled the heads to change all 16 lifters with LS7 replacements, new lifter trays, JTR 220/224 cam, LS9 head gaskets, and ARP head studs. Had the heads checked at the local machine shop and had him swap the stock single valve springs for a BTR 660" double valve spring kit. New replacement F-Body oil pan, windage tray, dipstick/tube, and pickup just showed up today.
  5. I will hold out looking for a set of OEM Z31T shafts as long as possible. Worse case, the Rockauto versions are cheap enough to live with regular street tires for a bit.
  6. I meant what Rockauto shows.... If the Rockauto pieces are only good for 300, that ain't gonna cut it. The 6.0 LS turbo setup I am tossing in the car has already made 690 rwhp at 14 psi in my K5. Eventually I am going with a backhalf with a narrowed Dana 60. Might need to run way less boost....lol.
  7. Excellent. I will hit you up later this week. How do these would with the Rockauto Turbo CV Z31 that are running the tripod setup vs the OEM cage? I thought I read you can't shorten the tripod style. I have a 280z btw. Rockauto show that one shaft at 20 5/8" and the other at 19 27/32". I wonder if it would be better to get two of the shorter shafts.
  8. You just love trying to spend other's money. NOT spending $1600 on a CV setup when a weld on adapters and brand new CV's cost less than $400. Besides, the long term plans for my car include a narrowed Dana 60 and a full backhalf tub and cage.
  9. This ain't my first rodeo DUDE. I have owned these cars for 20+ years, been a member of this site for 15 years, and have built many more for customers. Who do you think you are attempting to give me advice? Comedy!! I have absolutely ZERO interest in renting a tool if I already know 245mm will fit with a +0 offset 16x8 wheel. I was simply curious if anyone has run a +20mm and cleared everything in the rear. Blowing $50 on a rental tool (with a joke $400 deposit) is exactly that....blowing money. The topic was a simple question.. So if you aren't running a 16x8 wheel with +20mm offset (in the rear)....I am not interested in hearing your opinion(s).
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