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Ive been looking around for quite sometime for a nice set of wheels for my 260z.


I want some nice wide wheels but with the right offsets to make for a nice stance.


Ive been looking for wheels like this in four lug...




I like the sinister steel wheel combos because of costs and looks.

But they are so hard to find in either steel wheels or in the 4x114.3 lug pattern.


Ive also been considering RBRs, 501s, Rewinds, Libres.... I just want something affordable (500ish with tires) in 4lug and sick looking.


I also have a hookup on some 5 slots, but i really want some wide steel wheels.


Can anyone help me out?


Im on stock suspension lowered about 2 inches.

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I've checked all of those. Nice wheels. But too expensive and not quite the style. Maybe a cheaper alternative?


And stop being an ass. It helps no one. K? Thanks.


Yeah, your right... calling people who provide you with relevant info ASSes doesn't GET you help either. Interesting how you KNOW that I was being rude, but how could I be when giving you good leads. If you've already done the searching it might help to LIST the places you've searched. Good luck with that. :icon56:

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Very nice zuum. Did you spend all day typing that?


Thank you for the helpful information you have bestoweth unto thine feet. It will help greatly in my journey. You are very wise with the thoughts of the gods, how doth thou know all such knowledge of such great things?


"Google much?" is usually taken as someone being a smartass. Sorry if this wasn't the case.

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