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  1. what are your wheels specs! they look amazing!

  2. Thanks man. I tried searching for about an hour, I guess my search was too broad. Thanks man I will take a look at that section.
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to know if anyone has any reviews on this kit that MSA comes out with? I've done my own HID projector retro-fit before on my RX7 but I want to get into doing another one with the 240. Way too much time and effort. MSA's HID Projector kit looks pretty decent from the photos, sharp cut off and dual bi-xenon projectors? if anyone can chime in, it is greatly appreciated! thanks in advance. -z
  4. hey man, i bought straight from the company... the guys name is kiyo... great guy to deal with.
  5. Miguel's car running some extensive custom suspension. It is very difficult to find some nice decent tires on 15 and 16 inch wheels. I have fuzion zri's on my wats 245/45/16. I like to keep it classic with the wats. Don't get me wrong, I love Ccw's but I'm just more of a Watanabe type. This is my set up. Sorry for the iPhone cam. This is my most recent pic
  6. Would love to see more pictures of the car once finished...

  7. mine were pretty on there also. yeah removing that single lock bolt and spraying some aerokroil worked... need to be patient man. good luck
  8. Accessory Relay is a good place to start! I will take a look at that. Hmmm could I have fried that? Maybe bad ground?
  9. Thanks ktm for your reply, I thought it was also a bad ignition switch, so I bought a new one. Its the same result, nothing with the original ignition wire. But when connected to my "make-shift" ignition wire its the same situation, works fine when running, nothing when its off. I'm going to trace the wire back again. We'll see what I find this time. I am also gonna check my switch again.
  10. Anyone run into this problem before??
  11. hey Hybridz'ers, I know there's an answer to everything about the Z, but this one I haven't seemed to find, which has only led me to solve the problem temporarily. I've just recently finished my restoration on my basically stock 71 240z. I have it running and driveable. The issue i have is with my ignition wire to the ignition switch. When I received my car back from the shop, there was an issue with my car starting, it seemed weak and inconsistent. I instantly thought to myself it was the battery being drained? so i decided to put in an extra battery I had laying around with a little more juice. When I replaced the battery and properly connected everything back I cranked her over. Immediately the car started and kept running, but I noticed there was smoke coming from the fire wall on the battery side? I turned off the car and checked, nothing seemed fried or burnt? I tried starting her again, absolutely nothing? After searching and searching on what the problem was, I found out that I wasn't getting any continuity through the ignition wire? I traced back the wire under the dash back toward the alternator, everything seemed fine? How I temporarily solved this problem was to run a wire straight from the battery to the ignition switch, and it worked. This seems to work for the car but there are a few things that concern me... -none of the car internal lights, or electronics work when the key is in the "on" position. (I.E. radio, dome lights, can't switch headlights on) -When the car is running, all electronics work. -battery gets weaker every 2 weeks and I have to recharge it, alternator seems like its not recharging the battery I can tell you definitely that I screwed up the ignition wire somehow? Everything looks fine? All my connections and grounds are all good. I've traced back the circuit and everything. The only thing that comes to mind is that some wires might be touching and causing a short which is not supplying power to the car when the key is in the "on" position. If anyone can chime in, or help out, it'll be greatly appreciated... thank you in advance, sorry for the long post
  12. i can see! haha nice bmw dude, hope to see some pics of the Z soon. Good luck with her!
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