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  1. Check these out... These just came out for the holiday season this year. Nice concave and nice offsets. New XXR 522s 15X7_____4-100/4-114.3___25___CHROMIUM BLACK / GOLD 15X8_____4-100/4-114.3___0___F-BLACK / CHROMIUM BLACK / GOLD 16X7_____4-100/4-114.3___25___F-BLACK / CHROMIUM BLACK / GOLD 16X8_____4-100/4-114.3___0___F-BLACK / CHROMIUM BLACK / GOLD
  2. Damn that things is so clean... I love it. I just cant get over the headlights and wheels...
  3. That is very clean, are those headlights square? What wheels are those?
  4. Not sure if it works cause i havent tried it, but try pulling the handle and then lock it. It works on hondas.
  5. Awesome man. A++ on your expertise. I don't know why that hasn't occured to me before...
  6. Very nice zuum. Did you spend all day typing that? Thank you for the helpful information you have bestoweth unto thine feet. It will help greatly in my journey. You are very wise with the thoughts of the gods, how doth thou know all such knowledge of such great things? "Google much?" is usually taken as someone being a smartass. Sorry if this wasn't the case.
  7. I've checked all of those. Nice wheels. But too expensive and not quite the style. Maybe a cheaper alternative? And stop being an ass. It helps no one. K? Thanks.
  8. The tails will need a decent amount of work to get them to fit. And they'll need to be rewired if i remember correctly. And the bumpers will need brackets because they mount differently. This is what you need. http://www.zccjdm.com/store.php?seller=azcarbum&pd=1790406
  9. So im running my mechanical pump alone. But im having problems with it keeping fuel in the line. I bypassed the electric pump and itll run for a little bit but will stop running and when i take the fuel feed line off there is no fuel. I dont know whats up.
  10. Hey grumpy... should be an easy one for ya. I got my car and ive been trying to get it running (74 260z, dual webs) So i turn the key, cranks but no start. It will only run with starting fluid. So i went back to look at the fuel pump and there was a wire running the entire length of the car with a blade connector in the fuse panel location on the passenger side. I know by seeing that wire that it was jimmy rigged to work but I wanna do it the right way. Looks like the original wire is non-existent. Im a noob when it comes to relays but I know its needed. Can you help me through it?
  11. Yeah i noticed it... Thats hilarious. Damn rodents.
  12. Good golly Miss Molly. Thats an intense setup. Props!!!
  13. I like it... I would probably mix in a little more black if I was to paint my car with it.
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