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ready for wheelz!

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i'v owned my 78 280z for 8 years now. i bought it because the car was perfectly original, no hacked-up wires or rust to be found. after 100,000 miles of rolling around on the 14" steels with original mag hub-caps, i'm going with a set of konig rewinds, leaning towards the 15x7 graphites...


i've added lowering springs and new shocks, 1" all the way around...


so my question, z guys, (and gals,) is, will these wheels with say a 225/50/15 tire still fit without rubbing? do i need wheel spacers for any reason? the car still has stock brakes, new, but stock...i was told at a tire shop to go with 205/60/15's...any suggestions on tire size are also welcome...


i'm sure someone out there has done it, just looking for input before i spend a paycheck...

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225/50/15 is smaller diameter than 205/60/15. you will gain bigger foot print, and your car will sit slightly lower. your speedo will read 5% faster at 60mph or so. that being said, i have 225/50/15 on 15x7 rims.


yes, they will clear stock brakes and not rub anywhere. verify your backspace/offset on konigs first. if they're from MSA< then you don't have to worry

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becarefull though make sure they'll let you test drive the car after it's done.meaning they'll swap out the tires if there is any rubbing whatssoever.i put 225's on a set of 15 inch swasticas and the fronts rubbed.this was on an early 71.broought it right back and went with 205's.225's will work just take it on a right around the block to make sure.

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