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Vacaville Velo Rossa

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It`s a hell of a learning experience you`ve gotten out of this project....really that`s what`s it all about. I`m sure the next project will be done with ease. Keep up the good work!


Got that right... this project certainly has been an education. And although I can't wait to finally drive a finish product, the journey there is what it's all about.

But, after reading many build threads, I don't believe there is such an animal as "the easy build". rolleyes.giflaugh.gif

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So no plans for a radio? Are you going to put in the arm rest again or leave it open? Nice work by the way!



Until I'm ready for sound, I'll leave that area blank. Hoping there's enough room for a small nav screen maybe. No design ideas yet for the door panels. I like the look of the original Z panels well enough, but I think I'll go with something a little more custom, since mine basically fell apart during removal.

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More Body Mods

I'm still short on "cabbage" for parts. I don't want to loose the momentum I've build up in the last month, so I'll keep working on the little body mods that don't cost much in materials.


The lower round vents on the bonnet aren't deep enough for my taste, so I spent a little time this last weekend extending them.


The process was pretty straight forward. I taped an empty plastic potato salad bucket inside the vent to form a mold. I wrapped cloth fiberglass strips around until I got the thickness I wanted.


I'll trim them at the back and shape / blend the front openings later.


post-4015-032609900 1298436495_thumb.jpg




I've changed directions a couple times on the fuel door/filler style. Originally I was going with the Le Mans style (read, expensive) gas cap, so I installed the optional fuel filler pocket. Then I found a nice filler cap, at the wrecking yard, from a Jaguar that was far more cost effective. But after a while, the size and style just didn't seem right.

post-4015-089537500 1298437024_thumb.jpg


The next incarnation consisted of a plastic door/pocket assembly from a '90 Miitsubishi Eclipse. It's contours are very close to the curve of the VR's fender mount location, and for the longest time I thought this was the way I was gonna go. So I trimmed out a nice big hole in the fuel pocket to accommodate Mitsubishi door assembly. But I want something in chrome or polished aluminum to match the door handles and the trunk latch and hinges. Turns out, the "chroming" process for the plastic makes the final product almost as expensive as my first choice. If I'm gonna spend that kind of money on such a detail, I'm gettin' the real thing.

So, I filled the hole in again. sad.gif


post-4015-031358700 1298436496_thumb.jpg

Guess I'll just bite the bullet and spend the money... that is if I ever scrape it together.dry.gif

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Nice day, and since I only worked 'till noon, did a little sanding and filling.



post-4015-045986400 1299639272_thumb.jpg

Another pass with light filler, then I'll trim the back off.


Attached the trunk latch...


post-4015-019275200 1299639273_thumb.jpgpost-4015-094116200 1299639273_thumb.jpg




...and made a striker plate from a piece of scrap steel.


post-4015-074147200 1299639274_thumb.jpgpost-4015-061603200 1299639275_thumb.jpg

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I was able to spend a good chunk of money today on parts from Summit Racing. Several are on back order, so I'll continue working on the small body mods while I'm waiting.



Continued to round out the lower vents. They're not quite finished yet, but they're close enough to the look I'm aiming for, to get a little primer.



post-4015-056930000 1299805791_thumb.jpgpost-4015-073888000 1299805793_thumb.jpgpost-4015-068140900 1299805795_thumb.jpg




I'm going to extend the "sugar scoops" 1 1/2 to 2 inches under the hood in the same way. I like the 3D look the extra depth adds.



post-4015-042623100 1299805797_thumb.jpg

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WOW!!! Summit Racing is serious about getting orders out quickly. I put the order in at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, and everything that was in stock arrived by 12:00 noon today. And that was using UPS regular ground delivery! laughing.gif

post-4015-046927300 1299900463_thumb.jpg

I guess when racing is actually part of the business' name, you gotta be fast. I can't stop staring at my shiny engine...

post-4015-063291200 1299900465_thumb.jpgpost-4015-071866500 1299900466_thumb.jpgpost-4015-002799200 1299900468_thumb.jpg

...it just barely fits under the hood.

post-4015-015039900 1299900469_thumb.jpg

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After reading a few threads here regarding throttle cables, I decide to go with the Mr. Gasket Universal Kit. The two LOKAR kits that seem to be the preference here are very nice... but at a combined cost of around $80 plus shipping?



post-4015-067033100 1300038576_thumb.jpg



My kit was $25. It looks great and works perfectly.

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Made a couple of forms from a 5 gallon bucket to extend the scoops under the hood. Wasted most of the bucket using the trial and error method and didn't have enough left for the third form. banghead.gif

post-4015-085069100 1300074510_thumb.jpg


post-4015-018932900 1300074518_thumb.jpg


Have to wait for another empty bucket.


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OK... found another bucket... made another form... and now it's glassin' time. biggrin.gif


Flipping the bonnet over on a couple of saw horses gave me the perfect working height. The forms were held in place with a few screws. I worked through the nose opening, as trying to get to the scoops from either side was quite awkward.


Can't wait to get the forms off and do a little finishing. Perfect activity for the rainy whether here.

post-4015-095433200 1300333450_thumb.jpg

post-4015-095505600 1300333451_thumb.jpg

post-4015-097363600 1300333452_thumb.jpg

post-4015-099660000 1300333453_thumb.jpg

post-4015-023617600 1300333455_thumb.jpg

post-4015-029466700 1300333456_thumb.jpg

post-4015-023098000 1300333457_thumb.jpg

post-4015-020725800 1300333458_thumb.jpg

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