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  1. sq_creations

    Turbo LS1 240z Build

    Sorry I'm not on here as much as i use to be. A lot has changed with the car since I have been on last. It is blue now. It is still on a 6.0 lq4, powerglide, twin precision 61mm turbos. Made 850whp to the wheels diy led tail lights. There are alot more videos and pictures on my instagram @sqctuning
  2. sq_creations

    Unnatural Aspiration part 3

    You really got that thing moving now stony. Nice job on the 8's
  3. So what did you figure out on your throttle issue?
  4. sq_creations

    1977 Turbo LQ4 280z Build

    I look forward to another turbo lsZ build. Keep the pictures coming.
  5. Engine-> Torque management-> Disable all the etc torque management stuff.
  6. sq_creations

    Unnatural Aspiration part 3

    That was a pretty crazy explosion. Glad you got it back together already and the motor was okay. Good luck at the track again.
  7. Congrates on getting it going. Your Z sounds awesome. I noticed in the last video that you knock sensor is picking up knock. Be careful.
  8. sq_creations

    280z 5.3 Turbo Build

    Car is looking good. I may have missed it but did you go to a different ems? Holley?
  9. sq_creations

    turbo down pipe fender exit

    Its not a L28 but I have fender exit exhaust.
  10. sq_creations

    280z 5.3 Turbo Build

    If your worried about back pressure the dump them. If not let them recirculate them.
  11. Your making good progress. I like the gas tank you made!
  12. sq_creations

    Please, no more mega threads!

    I'm guilty of this too.
  13. sq_creations

    86 RX7 with Turbo LM7 and Megasquirt

    That is the same place I have mine. I'm adding a second now that im doing twins. How are you liking ms3 so far?
  14. Metal work is looking really good!