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As Istated in my INTRO post this is my first Z car and i am nothing but excited to actually get into one of these lil'guys.


Onto my car it is a "74 260Z ,bone stock, and not any major rust (behind the seat ,about dollar sized) she is an early model z.





but she is all there and alot of parts that are normally messed up are in good working order(i.e windsheild washer pump) and the only pics i have of her so far









replaced all the 74 smog equipment with a set of freshly rebuilt roundtop SU carbs , also have replaced the sparkplugs,wires, and all related ignition parts.


Then moved under the rear end and drained the gas tank(nasty job) and pulled the fuel pump .The PO had bypassed the pump because it stopped working so i cleaned the crud off of it and replaced the ground and took the pump apart to clean it and replaced the fuel filter and tested it to see if it works, and it does. .


I started putting her lights and exterior back together... after getting gas into the bowls and putting the new fuel hose into the five gallons of fuel (in the portable gas tank). we pulled the choke pumped the pedal a few times and she started right up,(well sorta)


After we got her to start we called it a day but i spent the next day chasing down $30's for a "spook" front lip and have it waiting on me and i also have a bullet mirror coming in a month or so

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got a little more work done today

all fuel lines replaced (in the engine bay) still need to replace the lines in the rear

replaced the weather stripping (both doors)

hood hinges blasted and powder coated

started reinstalling the interior (steering wheel,clamshell and dashpad)

installed the tag light housing

discovered a small birds nest in my air vent

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today i got the entire fuel system blown clean and i installed the lines for the pump and return line.


also installed the pump/bracket and i also got the drivers headlamp in and tested the lights all te side markers/headlights/tag lamps work and i need to clean the tail light harness.


i think in all it was a pretty good day.

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Well i tried to clean the tail light harness and it came a little cleaner but i need something with a more abrasive property.




what i started with





what the bulbs look like (notice the corrosion on the outer two)




kinda what i ended with ( like i said i need something to actually take off the corrosion)

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the whole bullet mirror :)




^^"new" center console



moved her out of the garage for the first time since i have had her... and we got her to run all by herself



VV random picture (since i have not even gotten a full shot)






^^ spook lip looks to be unmounted




my seats(toast) and my weather stripping that needs to be glued... she is a little closer to being OK again.




thanks -phil-

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Thanks alot buddy!,she is actually not that far from being road ready.... i think all i need to do is replace the shifetr pin/bushings, finish bleeding the clutch, change the front/ rear brakes, and flush the coolant, and change the T-stat and gasket.


Then it's on to interior and "paint"



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got the bullet mirror mounted with new hardware





see anything missing......alo i installed the "warning lights"




yeah thats what is missing ,But why?


25288_1379167767241_1473311279_30983388_2961077_n.jpg ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyeaaaaaaaahhhhhh

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