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Well the first z I was trying to build didnt work out so well... needless to say sold all my z stuff, kept the R34 NEO6, put it in a s14, had some fun with that till I came accross a z that seemed to be calling my name. Traded the s14 chassis for the 240z chassis, And well folks.. Im gonna try this again




73 240z, No rust that I can find so far so pretty happy about that. My last z was a rust buctet














The motor mounts, drive shaft and oil pan where part of the trade

Mchinney motor mounts and drive shaft and the oil pan I needa mod some more to put its capacity back to atleast stock


This is the NEO6 I was running in my S14. Current mods:


ARP head studs

Tomei 1.2mm head gasket

JUN style intake manifold

Q45 throttle body

JYC top mount injector rail

440cc top mount injectors (Tooo small....)

Rb20det intake cam

HKS cam gears

HKS timing belt (I had a oil leak thats why its black...sucks....)

Stock turbo mani moded for external wastegate

Synapse 50mm wastegate

Ebay t3/t4 70 ar 63 ar stg 3 turbo (Have a turbonetics BB t4 turbo to replace it.. I'll show ya later)

Megasquirt EMS



Well its a start.



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From what i was told they are mchinney motor mounts, Yea they bolt to the stock motor mount holes


Well quick update.. nothing to special yet as I just moved and still getting everything over here, car is still at my bros house. But, I got my new turbo, Turbonetics T72 BB turbo..


Will get beck with pics and more updates



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