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vipec runing well on home tune/not dynoed yet

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switched from megasquirt to vipec.meagsquirt=long story.anyway vipec-after about an hour driving with the autotune on it made its own daily driver program.software basically is operated like windows.downside-the v44 is only has enough outputs to run a 6cylwasted spark.the v88 can run full sequential put you pay more for it.i run a v44 and i am running very few of the available functions.but the boost control and idle will be working soon.along with a/c request.another plus is it runs on usb port

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i paid $1800 for v44 but that is full retail and the company i bought from is supposed to dyno tune it toady i connected the idle valve,boost control.msd8920 tach adaptor,and a/c request.everything is working but the idle could be programmed better.not that hard but have been concentrating on getting the car ready for 600 mile round trip to get dynoed.the vipec website is always quick to respond with questions-last time in 3 hours.a few small problems on install but i will admit it was a user malfunction. i suck with software-i am very old-school type of guy.seems to control the oem 77 z a/c very well

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