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  1. vipec are just rebadged link ecu's arnt they ? Which are some of the best out there
  2. check your alternator. Could be heating up under the loads and dropping voltage, This with a worn/tired battery could be causing weak spark.. Another one is a bad ground, Over time with the larger that normal loads in track work the battery to chassis, or to block ground is failing, Causing resistance though the heat build-up. I know it sounds weird, But ive had similar things happen.. Current makes heat, Heat can cause resistance. = low voltage
  3. why not get a .86 garret housing fitted? I had a .82 garret exhaust housing fitted to my hx40, with minimal work required..
  4. Try and port/enlarge your oil return, Most stock returns are to small for what the holset require Anyone here running a hx40 yet ? I have one mounted to my l28, Which isnt running yet, would love to see some numbers
  5. oh.. Djz. You havnt posted up here in a while. Im using the same Adaptor Phill is using. Havnt got the car running yet to find out how it performs
  6. Im running a rb30e Flywheel behind my l28et .
  7. fingers crossed that is the cause, will be good to see if it works or not. Ive always had problem in which port to use. I dont understand why they have a top venting port..
  8. definitely interesting the whole throttle body thing, Makes me wounder if im going backwards, since im running a 80mm unit . Would i be better off. adapting a smaller 60mm unit ?
  9. Sorry tony, I think i typed that out incorectly. .. I was merely waiting for a update from Phill...
  10. I think the best thing is.. Where is phill.. Ive been waiting for update for along time
  11. Would be interesting to see what a larger hotside a/r will do actually
  12. Have you tried using a wastegate spring rated closest to the psi you want to run ? That would help spool rates.. (lower threshold)
  13. ooooo!, Has the head change eliminated the surge yet?.. Bring on the dyno tune
  14. http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/125645-3-5-bar-boost-how.html Here is a interesting thread, that can help you with the flow limitations with compressor wheels. Its a very good read... Of course this doesn't help you with the surge.
  15. use can also use a dull file.. To knock it back flush..
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