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Haltech E11v2 ignition issues using turbo zx dizzy and MSD ignition

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Hello all,


I am assisting a friend of mine with getting his turbo '76 280z up and running after some minor wiring issues from a same-same swap (running fine, swapped a fresher motor that was similarly equipped)


Haltech E11v2


'76 block with '82 head

'82 zx dizzy (D6P81-02, 2702, 22100P9500 stamped on the can) anyone have wiring diagram for this dizzy?

'82 nissan alternator



I have assessed the following input sensors as functioning properly, MAP, air, coolant, throttle and O2 sensors.

I see counts add up on the home and trigger inputs using trigger/home input monitoring in halwin...I hear clicking of the injectors and priming of the fuel pump so I will assume these are working fine however I had some doubt as to if they were wired correctly.


well! time to test


rpm roughly 280

home counts up

trigger counts up


no spark :(



MSD has power.

coil primary and secondary are within spec.

plug wires are good


no o-scope to check the output of the haltech...

does anyone know of alternate method? perhaps within halwin software?



I have the following questions, I must be missing something here:

1. Does this setup require an "ignitor" intermediate the haltech and MSD? I am still unclear on the reason for this item in this application as these are both very advanced components...

2. Anyone have a similar setup, what are your settings for a nissan type 1 trigger

3. I've heard MSD has some built in dwell feature... with that and the possibility of a dumb/smart ignitor in the mix there are now three variables for dwell....wtf

4. Do I need to adjust the nissan home window? the dizzy does have two concentric tracks of holes; a 6 track(one larger than the rest) and 360 position track.

5. I do not have the alternator hooked up because I am in the process of modifying the harness to accept alternators that are internally regulated. does this have an impact on the ignition somehow?

more to come...


thanks to anyone who spends their precious time on this,


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you should be able to fire the msd with the haltech ignition output.........

Make sure you have the Nissan trigger setup and that you are using a distributor wheel of the z31 or maxima.

when you take it out of the z31 make sure to mark what side is up so that it is installed the same way in the 280zx distributor.....

if you don't have the z31 distributor wheel you can only run batch fire which is fine if you are not using individual coils..... if that is the case you only have 3 wires that need to be connected to the distrib...ground,power,signal

I will try to get the pinout for you tomorrow


the haltech only puts out a ground signal to the white wire of the msd

if you want to test the msd just

remove the coil wire from the distributor and ground to manifold

connect msd wiring as in the instructions and ground that white wire for a moment

you should see a spark at the coil wire

if not then the box is bad if wired in correctly


hope this helps



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