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Wanted: SBC cam/lifters


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Well like most of us, I am building my V8 Z on a relatively low budget. I need cam/lifters for my SBC 327, nothing too radical, but must have some "thump". Please let me know what you might have available. The Z has the 327 10:1 comp, stock bore. The trans is a powerglide with a 2800 stall converter. The Z has the 3.54 rear gears. The Z will be used mainly as a weekend toy.

Thanks for looking,


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I have a cam along with lifters / springs / pushrods that have around 3k miles tops on them. Nothing wrong with them, I went full roller. I'll run up to the garage tomorrow and get specs on them if you're interested. It had a nice lopey idle and a good powerband. It was either a comp cams or lunati...anyways, I'll check on it tomorrow. Don't know if you noticed, but I have some mega budget jtr headers in the for sale section.

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Here are specs on the cam:




It has a little bit of surface on it but if you're interested I can take it to the shop and use a soft pad (can't think of the name of the pad, but we used it on head surfaces b/c it wouldn't scratch them) or possibly emery cloth if that would also work. This would also come with rocker arms, the lock nuts, valve shims, seals, springs, and the lifters should be in there somewhere. I didn't look too thoroughly in the box, but I remember seeing them in a ziplock baggie before. Anyways, lemme know if you're interested.

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