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  1. Looking for Z32 TT Rear sub frame assembly. I bought one from a seller on ebay and it turned out to be a short nose R200. The pickings are pretty slim at the junk yards in North texas so trying my luck here. Specifically looking for R-230, Wheel hubs, Brakes, and ebrake assembly from a Z32 Turbo car to finish up the swap in my 280. If you have any of these parts and are in North texas or willing to ship please let me know. I JUST WANT TO DRIVE MY CAR AGAIN!! I have 2 longnose R200's id be willing to trade or just sell outright, a couple sets of axles, and of course an entire Z32 N/A car rearsubframe. Thanks!
  2. Lighft01

    r230 swap questions

    I had to send in cores for my T3 axles. I have a set of Z32 and Q45 axles left over from my R-230 swap, think i even have an R-230 from a Q45 laying around. Pm me if your interested.
  3. Lighft01

    Fuel Accumulator

    I used an F-Body fuel tank, you have to spin it 180 degrees to get the filler neck on the right side but not hard. Looks good too like it was made for this car. I run the factory F-body pump with an inline pump and 60lb injectors and dont have any fuel issues.
  4. Not too bad if your driving, if you get stuck at a light it gets bad but i do not have all the interior in my car either so there are some large holes in my hatch that let a lot of it in.
  5. sorry for the super huge pic, didnt think it was that big.
  6. I did 2.5" x-pipe and dumped after two redline race mufflers.... These are probably too loud for your taste but i think magnaflow makes a round muffler like this in different lengths so that you can pick how loud it will be.
  7. Lighft01

    S30 Fiberglass Hood with Camaro SS scoop

    Accepting offers
  8. I bought this hood about 3 years ago and never used it. It is still in the factory gel coat just like i took it out of the box. I am looking to sell it locally, (DFW area) but will ship if needed. Buyer will need to pay shipping costs. $400.00, if you need more pics let me know and i will send them.
  9. Lighft01

    New wiring harness for LS1 swap?

    speartech harness for the engine/cpu, and painless for everything else on the car... expensive way to do it. If/when i do it again i would probably use a factory ls1 harness and mate it up with a painless.
  10. Lighft01

    240Z Rear Hatch Grille Vent Set

    How much are you looking to spend?.. I have a hatch i am trying to get rid of, complete with vents and glass with vertical heater strips. Maybe you can find someone that is looking for the rest of the hatch. PM me if your interested and i will send you pics.
  11. Yes, def. still interested in these headers. Was the decision made to go with a 3/4 because of clearance issues? Just wondering if there will be a later production of 1 7/8's set, as i would probably just wait for those.
  12. I am in for sure...1 7/8 with 3" collectors is fine with me...let me know when and where to send the money.
  13. AND THIS, it always sounds like a good idea until you put pen to paper and find out your building a 30k car that wont ever be completed, and probably never run. Sometimes you just have to figure out the hard way. I lost $2-3k in the first year of my build before i realized that simple is usually better.