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  1. Your biggest problem might not be with the state so much the post. If you are going to have on post housing. I was stationed in WA and to drive the car on post or rather get the car registered to keep it on post it had to pass smog. Those rules depended on the state. Didn't matter if you had out of state plates you still had to show that the car would apply to some kind of state law. Going to be there a year? DLI? Irwin? Maybe some kind of MEPS? Anyways keep the car away from post and you should be good too.
  2. Petition help!!!

    So currently there is a petition out there that will help cut funds with homeland security in seizing all those pretty little cars we try to bring back to the states. This petition is also bringing up the point in having cars being exempt from federal safety laws at 15yrs not 25yrs. So if you could sign and share. We need to get to 25,000 or so signatures by 14DEC2012. So get the word out sign, and tell your neighbor to sign too. There are plenty of cars over here in Japan that need good homes. Thanks and have a nice day. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-using-homeland-security-funds-seize-imported-vehicles-and-change-dotepa-exemption-15-years/RGt5tpBm
  3. R200 Short nose carrier into a R200 Long nose

    Thanks CarJway that is exactly what I needed!
  4. R200 Short nose carrier into a R200 Long nose

    Ok never mind I found out my answer. One I will need a bolt spacer to adapt my 10mm bolts to fit the 12mm hole on the LSD. Anyone have a lead on what I need to look for or who I need to contact? Not looking into change the gearing just trying to put in a LSD.
  5. R200 Short nose carrier into a R200 Long nose

    Ok I got R200 LSDs galore out here in Japan at decent prices. Just don't know, if someone could dumb it down a tad. Don't want a VLSD, just pretty much what I can find. Running a open diff on my 78, and I'd rather have the power going to both wheels. So I need to know if my axels from my 78 will work with the S13/14/15 aftermarket LSD, and or mods I would have to adjust to. I could prob pick up another ring and pinion of I have to, but I would rather not.
  6. The $101,000 260?

    Ok no way would I pay 100k for a resto with SR20 mod. Yeah sure it's nice looking. Yes restoring these cars takes lots of time. But the last couple S30's that sold for 50k+ were originals. One original Scarab, and a awesome looking 432. Understandable, hell I was offered 25k for my S30 from a guy in here in Japan. I said no of coarse, I've put way to much time into her. Though my car is nothing to boast about.
  7. Well I bought a new AE86 while I've been in Japan. Came with a set of Watanabe 15x9.5 -19. So going to put the Rotas Shokatan on the Hachi with another 10mm spacer.
  8. Silvia KAAZ R200 LSD

    Awesome thanks JohnC and Snow. Daz I'll send you a PM just in case you don't get this but if you're looking for a R200 shortnose no problem there were four of the actual carriers and 3 of the open diff replacements. The next time I go to Up Garage ill ask around. Oh I also asked at my post office and out of USPS my max weight that I can ship out is 70lbs. I will take a lot more pictures of what I find next time, now I feel bad. Other good news is that i have approx 4000lbs+ to bring back in house hold goods! In which im going to try to bring back as many parts i can for my S30, and AE86. Yes I'm going to be purchasing a AE86 while im out here. Not to mention that ive lived out of a suitcase for the past 8yrs I have been in the Military. Selling off my PC, cause all i use is my phone, and work PC. No furniture to speak of most of the weight i have is work related in which doesn't count against me. Anyways Thanks for the info guys.
  9. Silvia KAAZ R200 LSD

    So I've been out here in Japan for about ten months now. This past weekend I finally found the time to head out to UP Garage. I was like a kid in a freaking candy store. GTR parts, r32 to r34, Silvia, 180SX, RX-7, AE86, a full Tomei advanced spec RB26 just sitting there. Body parts, and seats. All at a pretty decent price. Anyways I'm walking down the the Nissan isle and I find a bunch of R200 LSDs from S13,14,15 r32, 33, and 34. Did a little reading in the FAQ. Seems like the LSD will fit. Little confused on it if someone could explain that portion on the KAAZ LSD it would help. Running the stock open R200 long nose diff on my 78, with a 3.1L L28ET. So I find looking and there all around 350-400$. Main question is should I buy a couple?. Are they running at a pretty good price? Should I look for specific year/model? Any suggestions would help. I will go back again In a few days take some pics. also found a set of RX-7 purple 550cc injectors! Also if some of you have some requests on parts I can look for let me know. I will keep and eye out or ask them to check the data base. If the parts are somewhat on the smaller side it should help with shipping. Being that I can put them in the flat rate boxes. Though I did find a SR20det motor, rb25 trans, and a bunch of wheels, that I'm going to try to bring back in my house hold goods, but that won't be for a while now.
  10. I was waiting for someone to say it surprised JohnC did link the rules to his reply.
  11. HybridZ has spoiled me...

    I can't look at Rocky Auto cars. The cheapest car they have there is 13k. Wish i could buy a car from there though, looked at there site, that BRE Bluebird is SWEET and i would jump at the chance to buy anyone of those Skylines
  12. HybridZ has spoiled me...

    Sold! Nastassia was one of the names i was thinking of so it must be it.
  13. HybridZ has spoiled me...

    Hey guys I didn't want to imply that i sold my Z, the car is in storage with a family member. Also parts are still piling up to further the build. Kali will be at about 400rwhp, thats what i like about being station in Japan, the Cost of Living Allowance. Because the dollar is doing not so good i get more dollars to balance that out, About 500$ extra a month. Usuaully around ellection time freaking currency bounces like a superball. So from like NOV to MAR i can't buy another car... Damnit! So again i didn't sell my Z, nor will i ever sell my Z. I have prepaired myself to live a very lonely life because of my Z Oh because of this site i feel like the smartest man alive!!!!!!!!!! :lol: Well when im on other forums So again thank all of you. I am really stingy with my money, though i do wish to donate. After my build with Kali is done. Also if anyone has any possible names for the new AE86 DD project, shout them out.
  14. 1977 280z Turbocharged Stroker

    Hey do you have the car registered in CA? I have a pretty similiar setup based in Livermore, just wondering if she will pass smog.
  15. So im looking to buy a JDM AE86, hopfully a Tureno Hatch, or coupe. I was unable to afford to bring my S30 due to lack of funds at the time. So I'm trying to restore my sanity with another project. 6k for a mint stock AE86 ain't that bad for what i can turn it for back in the states. Anyways so im looking throughout the net, trying to find a forum that would be as helpful as HybridZ, I gotta say I've looked. As much as people argue on this forum about this and that. Its still the most informative car site I have been apart of. I don't post very often only cause like many of you I'm not an engineer, and for those of you that are and put in your .02 i thank you. For those of you that go that extra mile and supply those custom parts that you design and share i owe you my car and my life. Anyways long story short id like to say thank you... Also Does anyone know of a good forum to get info for AE86's?