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  1. From John Royal. https://www.instagram.com/p/BKB7BzlhOYb/
  2. Yes, 275/40. Fronts are 245/45. No struts, coilovers.
  3. Here is mine with the newly painted flares mounted. Rear is 17x9.5, -6.
  4. This is exactly what I was afraid of. I had my wheels made by American Racing and they will do any backspace and bolt pattern so I bought a Wheel Fit Tool and used the Marugen flares and found 5" BS was perfect, which is -6 offset (on a 17 x 9.5 wheel). WAY different. The fronts are 17 x 9 and 0 offset. They could use about another 1/4" of poke though. Tires are Conti DWS, 245 and 275. I'll post a pic with everything mounted and on the ground next week, the flares were just painted and have yet to re installed. The attached pics don't do the fit justice.
  5. Wheels came in today, but they are satin instead of gloss black. Not sure if I'll keep them satin or send black for a coat of gloss clear. Anyway the fronts are 17x 9, rear 17x9.5, Conti Extreme DWS 245 and 275. Tires will be mounted next week as I'll be out of town after tomorrow.
  6. These could be an option. American Racing VN477. I have set due to arrive on Monday (3/28/16) that I had done in gloss black powder. Mine are 17x9 and 17x9.5. I'll post a pic tomorrow. Check the backspace options. LOTS and they go up to 11" wide. http://www.customwheelsexpress.com/custom-wheels-by-brand-american-racing-vintage-pc-american-racing-vn477-polished-custom-wheels-rims-p-2392.html
  7. Scroll down a few post. This might help you. https://www.facebook.com/hokeperformance/
  8. The wheels I'm using are not quite 5 spokes. Attached is the first sneak peek of my render, showing a corner of the wheel.
  9. I'd be interested to know what the final offset was for this: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/122385-275s-in-240z-factory-well-mission-accomplished/ How he got it in there is a real trick.
  10. I'm using the same tires. 245 front on 9" wheel, 275 rear on 9.5" wheel. I have the rear tire mocked up with 5.25" backspace (which works out to -2mm which seems weird) and I like the look. I'm trying to keep the rubber inside the flares. Clearance on the inside is better than it appears in the photos. I was going to go with -13 in the front but that may change. What are you guys doing for wheels? I'm using an American Racing custom built. These are also Marugen flares from RHDJapan.
  11. Any further discovery JoeK? I'm in the middle of trying to figure this out with Marugen flares. Everyone says 275's fit fine in the rear, which I bought) but at 4.5" BS they barely fit flush. I'm using the Wheel Fit tool to simulate wheels which I have yet to purchase. I also have T3 coilovers.
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