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  1. Hahahaha! yeah thats why I might not bring my Z, all depends if I get some work done that it needs in time.
  2. I should be able to do that, I might not have the Z though. Im sure I can get a group of my friends to come too so for now lets plan to meet at cars and coffee.
  3. Yeah Ive been seeing a ton of those around town. Im not suprised though, I mean it starts at 25K brand new.. thats not bad considering what you get.
  4. Ok cool I'll look into a place we can eat some food maybe grab some brew, I'll invite a few of my friends too. Whats a good time? afternoon?
  5. cool, I'll get the word out to the guys not on the forum. Where should we have it?
  6. Hmmmm... I'll keep that in mind. Yeah the c110 and c210's are pretty sweet too, I mean pretty much all the old vintage JDMs are sick IMO.
  7. Thats so awesome, Ive always wanted an old KGC10 Skyline. Does anyone know what JDML charges for importing one and selling it?
  8. The weekend is best for me for sure, we should plan something for next month.
  9. Well just for the front and rear coilovers its $1700. The camber plates and upper hats are sold separately.
  10. I ordered the kit that comes complete and already made so it comes with iluminas. Yeah im going to run their camber plates and upper hat system also.
  11. That looks awesome man, whats your tire and wheel setup? looks super clean, and are you on coilovers?
  12. Techno Toy Tuning also has a coilover kit, I just ordered the front setup for my Z and I'll be ordering the rears soon.
  13. I havnt seen a silver Z around but I'll keep an eye out. I have a brownish 240Z and my dad has a flat black V8 280Z and my friend has a white boosted 240Z. So yeah theres three in my area. A few of my friends have other Zs too, a Z31 and Z33. Im sure I can get my friends to come out for a meet.
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