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  1. There would be turbo kits for the SBC in the Corvette, there would be turbo kits for the L24 in the 240Z, there would not be kits for that engine in that car. There is however a million people that can look at your car and piece together a setup geared towards how you would want it.
  2. But going off the top of my head. Engine, LS probably $2k or more for engine, wiring, ECU, and harness prepped for swap. I spent more than that. Transmission, T-56 or nothing IMO $2500 and I will consider that shipped, trying to imagine lowest cost here. JCI mounts and driveshaft, IDK, $800 or so Fuel pump, $100 Headers $300 Exhaust, $800 Shifter, pedals, clutch, flywheel, master cylinder some other hard parts. $1000 Radiator, $300 hoses $100 tools- god knows. radiator fans, $100 fuel lines and filters, $200 random stuff $$$$ Things that you didn't know nee
  3. There was a thread that was something like "how much did your swap cost" Many pages of examples of how much people spend vs thought it would cost vs told their spouse it cost. Can any one post that or help me find it. Entertaining read.
  4. Lol, sorry, thought you were OP. Yeah, working and on HybridZ is not a good combo. Yeah, I spent way more that $3000 on everything. I agree with most that you could get a lot of power with what OP already has plus the $3k in the bank. I also believe that Fuel Injected chevy V8's are the way to go. I hate messing with carbs and timing and other nonsense. RebekahsZ has a good point too though, project cars always take 20x longer than you want. So, my advice. keep what you have and love it and learn it and go faster after as you learn the car. Or put some money into tuning what
  5. For the engine, computer, wiring, JCI mounts,.. Probably. If you are serious then let's talk. shore.donovan@gmail.com is my email and phone number is 413 two zero six 9088. Shoot me a text if you want and I can call when not at work.
  6. Shameless plug but I have a complete swap for sale in the parts for sale section. LQ9 6.0/T56, exhaust, mounts, driveshaft, everything. Taking offers too.
  7. No, not to undermine at all. Just an option as well that I was looking at in my area. I know it is not as nice but if they wanted something to tinker with as well it may not be a bad option. Save a few grand and spend a few grand and time to make it your own. IDK, just an option.
  8. https://westernmass.craigslist.org/cto/5554576608.html
  9. It just so happens I have a LQ9 and T-56 for sale. Everything you would need actually to swap in, harness is already ready. I am going with a crate LS3 instead. Let me know if interested.
  10. There are center cap, but do not fit on the fronts.
  11. SELL MY CARS???? NEVER. LOL. IDK, maybe you are all right, shouldn't get this. I am thinking if I get this then my project would never get worked on and eventually sold for next to nothing. My real goal is the Datsun, went overseas just to fund it. Viper has been that B.A. dream car since I was a kid though. I guess I got all giddy when the opportunity came up.
  12. Better than the BMW I have. I don't know, I guess sometimes being around these cars all day makes me want them. Also it is sort of a lifetime deal in my opinion. Really the only thing holding me up is the thought of getting out of it when I get bored with it. More like when I realize I shouldn't have a Viper. They just don't sell well, I believe more people just go with a Corvette if they want a car like that. I can understand that completely but I see Corvettes almost every day, I have seen about 3 Vipers my whole life on the road. Something just BAD A$$ about that. Same with t
  13. Original MSRP was $140k, I know prices dropped but I believe I will be Out The Door for under $70k. And it's a VIPER. I just do not see Vipers ever so would be a head turner.
  14. So, I am a salesman at a Chrysler dealership. We have a 2013 Viper GTS in black that could get for under $70k, new with about 50 or so miles. The dealership definitely wants to get rid of it and I have starred at it for too long. Already talked to insurance and finance as well. The payments are doable and decent for what it is. Problem is of course my girl would probably be upset and I still haven't finished my Datsun build, just do to lack of time to work on it. IDK, I guess I am going through some mid life crisis non sense and getting impatient over my build. Also the price for what it is ma
  15. What is your definition of "cheap"?
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