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  1. z-spec

    Double Cross Flow Cylinder Head

    This system is already used in the 60e by BMW in a F2 formule car and been build by Dr Ing Apfelbeck as a 4 cilider engine , and been called the Apfelbeck engine
  2. z-spec

    77 Feet Of Custom Cage

    we have done quite a few cages for 240/280z here in Netherland , al to meet the FIA regulation , and by using 4130 tubing
  3. z-spec

    Subaru WRX STi R180 Side Axles

    John , i found out about the lsd , its a Torsen T2 , the 4.44 is right , you are right about they probably do not have it in the US ,
  4. z-spec

    Subaru WRX STi R180 Side Axles

    John , i have got a Subaru 180 diff 4.44 ratio with a gear type ( no plates ) lsd specialist ?? told me that it should be a viscous but its definetly not . I want to use inner CV from Subaru and i made new flanges for the outside to fit 110 diameter Lobro CV without any spacer , i bought the diff but i still not know of witch type and year Subaru it is , Regards Adrian , www.va-motorsport.com
  5. z-spec

    Heater Upgrade???

    If you need it for defrost the window , you can put a electric heated windscreen in , we made a batch we use for race and rally cars here i EU .
  6. z-spec

    my roll cage

    This is the early 1970 one , I wil send some pictures from what we have done til now . This year we gone make some place in your garden , because i hear some rumour that your wife was complaning , but looking for a running car 70/71 with not much work .
  7. z-spec

    my roll cage

    the minimum strenght requirment for us is 350 N/mm2 and that is not much , its like CDS 35 (steampipe) , what we use is 25CrMo4 (4130) with a strenght of 650/750 N/mm2
  8. z-spec

    my roll cage

    You are right about that , working with inches is much more thinking for us , but 2500 lbs how much is this compared to Newton or Kg ? And what is the actually different between a SCCA legal cage and a FIA legal cage ? I think there must be a way that it meets both regulation . We can work with thinner wall for the tubes we use but we have to make a stress calculation from the cage , and save up to 1/3 of the total weight .
  9. z-spec

    my roll cage

    For Classic racing cars we have to use 40 x 2,0mm or 38 (1,5") x 2,5mm (0.25") , and are alowed to fix it to the shell at 6 point by bolting or welding , but there is one exeption , when we fit the V bars into the main hoop we are allowed to use two extra points on the transmission tunnel ,That also means No welding or bolting to the pillars and roofsides .
  10. z-spec

    my roll cage

    we have o respect annexe J 253 from the FIA for classic cars this is annexe K from the FIA you can find every thing on www.fia.com . About SCCA i know not much . We build about 70 rollcages a year ( not only Datsun ) and do our own certification .
  11. I have seen them some where , but try your local machine shop to make them ,
  12. z-spec

    *Pics* of your race car

    Greg , I am afraid we can not use the Kodiak or Volk wheels , for classic racing in Europe they want to see a period wheel , and that can be a Compomotive or Minilite , but they are to heavy , Watanabe are hard to get and that leaves me to Panasport . Thanks anyway , Regards Adrian www.va-motorsport.com
  13. z-spec

    *Pics* of your race car

    Thank you Richard , Regards Adrian .
  14. z-spec

    *Pics* of your race car

    As far as i can find out the widest as a one piece Panasport is a 7x15 , anything wider is a three piece split rim like the old style BBS is , a inner and a outer ring and a cast centre piece , I know the 14x7" i have are verry light ,
  15. z-spec

    *Pics* of your race car

    Really good pictures , good job , apart from that i like miss canada