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  1. Good homes found for the door sill plates and lugs.
  2. PM's sent, lugs and door plates pending.
  3. LS2 Water Pump, approx. 14K miles, heater outlets blocked off. -$45 NEW inner door sill plates (Datsun #G4932-E4100) Retail at $26 each, both for -$26 SOLD Aluminum lug nuts, M12 X 1.50 Put 'em on my Z, didn't like the look, took 'em off. Paid $90, -$45 SOLD Winter car storage bag. See carbag.com. Zipped my '73 into the bag, along with some desiccant from McMaster Carr, Paid $239, -$105 Grudgingly using PayPal, I'll pay the bloodsucking fees, but Buyers pay shipping from 44122 (Ohio)
  4. For those of you ready to join this forum, but were waiting for a member, with WAY too much time on his hands, to post a wacked out list, then this is your lucky day! First, for you Canucks, just add an "eh" to everything, like this = its-a-Z-eh, or like this = two4teeZ-eh Totally240 / Zspeak / 2-4-T-Z / BecauseZcar / Dotsun / Zlocity, Zelocity / 2fortyZ / Datzoom / S30sRule Z-licious, Zelicious / oohdat / Z-nith / Dat-Sun-Of-A-Gun / ZsRock/ Zing / RumpetyZ / ZanyZ / On these next ones, use a Jamaican inflection. Z-car-mon / Zmon / Its-a-Z-mon / or German/Jamaican = Dots-A-Z-mon I've had fun with this today, a nice break from my Sudoku. BTW, I have no idea if any of these are taken.... rather doubt it. Steve
  5. Hey, toolman, you beat me to it. But thanks, I wasn't 100% sure it would work. Here's my version: Like you say, cheap, and easily knocked down. Steve
  6. I think an Ecoboost would rock, great idea! My daily is a Fiesta ST, and my '73 Z is LS powered. The LS2 makes 400 horses and 400 torques. The ST is about half that, at 200 & 200. The ST weighs about 2750 and my Z, I'm guessing, is around 300 lbs. less porky. So yeah, a Z with just a stock ST, 1600cc Turbo would make for a very fun ride. A 4 cyl Eco turbo in a Z would add lightness and be the recipe for good handling. You'll have to get the suspension sorted really well too, in order to have a chance of beating your ST around a corner. Go for it Johnbian, blaze new trails, go where no one has gone before, you'll end up with a unique, fun car. I'd go that route if I had it to do over. Steve
  7. Running a Tilton 75 Series, 3/4" master per their recommendation, for my LS2 w/ stock clutch. Earl's braided line.
  8. Thanks to az240z, I've got a pedal box coming.
  9. Just the box, don't need the pedals. Have Paypal bucks.
  10. Here's my set-up, an '02 Z28 tank feeding an '06 Goat motor with a Speartech engine harness. I had Speartech retain all the tank's emissions, so I did have to run a vent line up to the engine. Well worth the effort I thought, to avoid having a garage full of gas fumes... and it doesn't cost any hp. At the tank it's wired like so- Fuel pump wiring- Grey is power Black is ground Fuel tank pressure- Grey w/ black stripe is power Green is signal to ECU Orange w/ black stripe is ground Fuel tank vent- Pink is power White is signal to ECU
  11. My aerated John Washington fiberglass hood, with frame, weighs 16 pounds (7.25 kilos)
  12. ssparko, I was about to have some "L" brackets welded to the tank sides, which would super simplify the install, but I ended up getting some aluminum channel from McMaster-Carr and mounting the rad on it. Also used McMaster for some fairly soft rubber for the saddles and for spacing the rad from the core support at top. BTW, the dry rad weighs 11 lbs., the Spal is 6, and the mount 2.
  13. Go to Hybrid Z's "downloads" section. There's a GC template under "drawing files, templates".
  14. Thanks, tioga, for the suggestions. The routing has turned into a low priority because the setup as pictured seemed to work ok, and there's so many other things to get done on this car come spring. Steve
  15. Keith, I've got a stock JY LS2 also, and couldn't agree more. What's not to like about a junkyard engine that's compact, light, and puts out MORE than it's advertised HP rating (found that out at a dyno tuning this summer). I'm much more impressed with the prodigious torque! Torque in any gear, any RPM, crazy torque everywhere! Had mine out recently on a cool day, romped on it a bit in third gear, at about 45 MPH, and spun the tires! Now that's TORQUE! This is a whole new experience for me. I'm a lifelong small block chevy guy, and only got a whiff of torque back then. This new engine technology is pretty amazing to me.... keeps me smiling! Steve
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