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  1. Zzeal

    S30 Misc. Parts, inc. LS2 Water Pump

    Good homes found for the door sill plates and lugs.
  2. Zzeal

    S30 Misc. Parts, inc. LS2 Water Pump

    PM's sent, lugs and door plates pending.
  3. LS2 Water Pump, approx. 14K miles, heater outlets blocked off. -$45 NEW inner door sill plates (Datsun #G4932-E4100) Retail at $26 each, both for -$26 SOLD Aluminum lug nuts, M12 X 1.50 Put 'em on my Z, didn't like the look, took 'em off. Paid $90, -$45 SOLD Winter car storage bag. See carbag.com. Zipped my '73 into the bag, along with some desiccant from McMaster Carr, Paid $239, -$105 Grudgingly using PayPal, I'll pay the bloodsucking fees, but Buyers pay shipping from 44122 (Ohio)
  4. Zzeal

    LSx Header Bolts

  5. Zzeal

    LSx Header Bolts

    OK then, how about $32 shipped.
  6. Zzeal

    LSx Header Bolts

    This is what's in the kit.
  7. Zzeal

    LSx Header Bolts

    Stage 8 Locking Header Bolts for an LSx New, never installed. $42 shipped to continental US Bloodsucking PayPal will have to get their cut Will ship from Ohio via USPS
  8. Zzeal

    Wilwood Rear Handbrake Kit

    The tabs (brackets) attach to the plates with supplied 10mm screws, to anchor the cable ends... about like so:
  9. This was a group buy back in '08, done by member Woza01, in Australia. This set up allows Z's with Wilwood rear disc brakes to add Wilwood E-brake calipers like these: http://www.jegs.com/p/Wilwood/Wilwood-Mechanical-Parking-Brake-Spot-Calipers/757779/10002/-1 The exchange rate back then resulted in a cost close to $400, including shipping from the Land way Under. Here's the original thread: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/71799-wilwood-rear-handbrake-e-brake-kits/ It's an impressive kit, looks a bit over engineered to me. Never got around to installing it, and now I've sold my car. $200 shipped. Grudgingly using PayPal. PM or zserve@wowway.com
  10. Zzeal

    280Z Hubs

  11. Zzeal

    280Z Hubs

    280 bare hubs. Don't know their history, bought them from a member years ago but never used 'em. Very good condition. Ships from 44122, and will weigh about 15 lbs.. $60 plus shipping (Fedex), enriching PayPal.
  12. For those of you ready to join this forum, but were waiting for a member, with WAY too much time on his hands, to post a wacked out list, then this is your lucky day! First, for you Canucks, just add an "eh" to everything, like this = its-a-Z-eh, or like this = two4teeZ-eh Totally240 / Zspeak / 2-4-T-Z / BecauseZcar / Dotsun / Zlocity, Zelocity / 2fortyZ / Datzoom / S30sRule Z-licious, Zelicious / oohdat / Z-nith / Dat-Sun-Of-A-Gun / ZsRock/ Zing / RumpetyZ / ZanyZ / On these next ones, use a Jamaican inflection. Z-car-mon / Zmon / Its-a-Z-mon / or German/Jamaican = Dots-A-Z-mon I've had fun with this today, a nice break from my Sudoku. BTW, I have no idea if any of these are taken.... rather doubt it. Steve
  13. Zzeal

    Low Cost Rotisserie

    Hey, toolman, you beat me to it. But thanks, I wasn't 100% sure it would work. Here's my version: Like you say, cheap, and easily knocked down. Steve